A Role Model, just too many

June 24, 2014 3 Comments

When Blogadda in association with Gillette asked me about my role model, I went searching for answers and apparently still searching for one.

Who is my role model? The one who gave me birth or the one who fought for my right for being in world? Or is the one who gave me a new lease of life when a fatal accident told me- You are dead. Or the one who helped me combat with Ostracism without mentioning it or the one who ostracized me?

Well all of them. Including the ones who do not even know my name and still inspire me in many ways. I have hundreds of role model and I find one every day. You must be wondering how? Well I strongly believe that none of us is perfect but the realization of our imprefection and our continuous effort to fix it up. Embracing our challenges and limitations and yet emerging as winner using what does not still stop us, is indeed role-modelling to me.

Still there are few people who inspired me long enough, on perpetuity, adding a lot of strength to my otherwise fumbled life, stumbled life. One of them was- Chand Mama, my maternal uncle.

Chand Mama, yes that is what I used to call him. In our folk tales, often children referred to moon as "Chanda mama" but in my life I referred my mama as "Chand mama". I do not know how did this name emerged in my life and stayed there. But it stayed there forever even when I turned 30 years old.

I was barely 1 and half years old when my mother has to leave me at my maternal grandparents house. She was pregnant with my younger brother and was bound to leave me in custody of my grandparents for my upkeep and well being. Strange isn't it? It was dark, dark night without electricity when she left me and it was bright, sun dawn when I met my mama, who just returned back from his work trip the same morning.

Family legend is - when my uncle saw me playing near water tap in porch, he inquired about me and knowing about me, he moved forward, took me into his lap and declared the world- that today onwards she is my daughter and he is my double mom- "ma-ma".. a duty that he always played, even when my mom was around.

You must be thinking that it is indeed a tale of love and support, but what is so much about "role model" of it in this? Well during my growing years, my Chand mama was my friend, philosopher, guide. He went through a painful divorce but never let the heat of it come on me. His behavior towards me was always nurturing, owning and cordial. He taught me many things among which some were-

1) The importance of following my dreams
2) The art of love, unconditional love with one and all
3) Treating everyone equal and being empathetic towards the lesser fortunate ones.
4) He helped me recuperate when I met with my accident. He would encourage me to do things that I wish to do and has an aptitude to do rather than falling prey to pressure and what society will say.
5) Tenacity of results
6) Valuing everything in life alike. Like pain, like happiness.
7) The art of understanding things and still not become judgmental
8) Enjoying a good humor and look beyond what is obvious

and much more. Thinking about him, still brings tears in my eyes. He told me one important lesson that while I can go out and spread my wings and attempt my flights. However, there would always be a nest, a tree in his form right out there who will not stop me but motivate, inspire and always available even when world has left me. Such assurance told me that I am someone and has an ability to do something and need not fear failure.

I lost mama to mortality a couple of years back. When I lost my leg, artificial foot supported me. However I do wonder, what will support me, my inquisitiveness, that little child in me and my endless pursuit since I have lost him. 

Life Sciences with Mama- A new Approach to life
Mama taught me power of positive confrontation and sacrifice our own lives to bring cheers to others. He never used an "carrot or stick" approach on me but he used "tree and nest" approach.
He also taught me the relationship between thunder and sea and why should I not be afraid of letting my "boat in the river" but be more careful while "sailing" it. He would often say-

Girte hai seh sawar hi, maidan e jung mein
woh khaak gire jo apne ghootno ke bal chala karte hai?

[the one who rides with winds are bound to fall on battlefield. What is the fall of man who walks on their knees].

Mama rest in my prayers. I could not meet him before his death and somehow could not make to his last rituals. However I strongly felt his presence that whole time till couple of months. His spirit silently whispered in my ears and said- "Cry as much as you want to. But be true to your life as true you are to your grief. Ensure that once you stop crying, you will wipe the tears, wash your face, stand back on your feet and start walking again on the path of your life". 

Chand mama you were one of my first role models and you continue to be. You are alive in my heart, dreams and all those endless songs that we sung during playing endless, never tiring Antakshris, while on the station or during the journey. Love you!
I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com
This is a true narrative, written straight from my heart. I was not keen for writing this as part of contest but when the talks of role model poured in, I could not contain myself or stop thinking about him. 

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I really like the bold words in the second last paragraph! They say it all :)

  2. This is so incredibly penned. I can feel the warmth in your words, the pain in your loss and the strength even in your grief. That isn't easy to share. You do it well!

  3. Yes, role models are too may since we learn from everyone we stumble upon ...well written Ekta :)


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