Smile on, Survivor

June 03, 2014 , 9 Comments

Behind that rosy smile, was a hidden tear
They saw what was visible in bold
but not what was in rear

Behind that glossy lips
she bit a bitter truth
The pain that only she knew
The pain that she chewed brute.

I salute to the spirit of women,
of men and the children
who fight this deadly disease
every minute every hour
some fight tooth and nail
some could not take it more

Irrespective, each is the fighter
brave, folklore

They paint their lips pink
so you could not see the dark eyes
the crow's feet on smile,
and the wrenching wrinkle writ

She indeed was a fighter
and the ones who could not
lost their war, this world battle .

Oh Cancer, please leave our lives
and do not resume,
spare us O Deadly disease,
do not consume.

the battle is gruesome
The pain excruciating
I send you some love,
encouragement, strength and cheer.

Keep your faith up
keep that hope coming
the hair will grow again
once you are back on living.

Dust will settle,
and will come all revival.
Till then lose no hope.
Arrest your thoughts,
Smile on, Survivor
and you too young lady
cause you may win, you fighter!

This post is written for The Mag in response of the picture prompt.

I want to dedicate this post to all cancer victims and the survivors. I have seen beautiful lives consumed by it. I have heard about some beautiful lives fighting this and coming out of this, Triumphant. Do not lose hope, do not worry what you look now. Nothing is forever here, nor gain nor pain. May the spirit be with you, to help you overcome.

Through this post, applauding the stealth and strength of all survivors and their families including a brave woman and a fellow blogger, Farida Rizwan, who had combat with Cancer in past and is back to good health now. You can hear about her 18 years of survival journey at her Facebook page here.

This post was picked up for Blogadda's Spice Saturday PicksSpicy Saturday

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  1. May the pink always survive, after the dark-rimmed eyes...

  2. A touching post dedicated to the victims and survivors. Thanks for writing this! Lost many family members to this disease, so it hits hard.

  3. Ekta , you have dedicated this beautiful to the brave survivors of the C.
    I bow to the spirit of Farida Rizwan.

  4. That was such a great dedication to all the survivors and to those who are fighting the battle of cancer !
    Good one ekta

  5. Thanks , this is so moving

  6. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  7. Quite a touching post...very inspirational for people who are fighting this deadly disease. Congratulations on getting picked for the 'Spicy Saturday' picks!

  8. This is moving.

  9. Wonderful message here. Touching.


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