My date with Diamond: Kama and I

June 30, 2014 1 Comments

I dream of beauty
beauty that my eyes desire
of precious gem and stars
that traveled through my vision
unraveled in my heart to inspire

Beauty that shone and glitter
beauty that sparkle and shimmer
Beauty crafted in dreams
Dreams that Beauty Aspire

I opened my eyes and sat
wondering what I saw
I did not find my answer
Until I was invited to this "Diamond Date"

I was recently invited by Kama Jewelry, the retail arm of Kama Schachter, to their factory and Boutique at Andheri East for a "Date with Diamonds" in association with Mumbai Gloss. It was indeed a date of remember and I am glad that I got this invite to not just visit workshop of one of my favorite brands [Yes I learnt about them during a Twitter contest] but also got this opportunity to see their craftsmanship closely through, step by step, art by art.

It was indeed an exclusive affair to remember wherein a delegate of female bloggers, spent the better part of their afternoon, viewing, trying and admiring the stone that mankind has entrusted as- A girl's best friend.

Yes indeed, diamonds are a women' best friend and that is why we befriended the "art of design and craftsmanship" at their well spread boutique and workshop with a good infrastructure and design. But off course, they are the "diamondsmith" behind a beautiful brand that makes millions of women around the world, go weak in their knees.

My Date with Diamond

The date began with a hospitality and a power packed presentation by the Kama Team. It further proceeded with a little warming up session where bloggers saw some of the designs by Kama and then proceeded to the factory to see the whole rigorous and rigmarole process of jewelry making, jwelery crafting by Kama. And this visit made all the difference where we learnt how even a simple looking design is undergone a process that is complex yet pays attention to minute details wherein they turn a normal looking diamonds, molded into enchanting designs. No wonder diamonds are precious, no wonder diamonds are what diamonds are.

Post the visit, we returned back to their lounge wherein we get to preview a new range of their signature collection in Asscher, Cushion and Emerald cut line. Here's a dekko

Isn't  this a beautiful collection? Well you should have been around to know how all girls went gaga about it. The lobby was filled with furtive glances, spasmodic chants like Uhh, wow, umm. And it did not stayed till there, the momentum berserk into passionate achings when we were asked to try - what I call- Poetry written with diamonds. Here's few glimpses of the designs that we tried-

When Classic Glamour Meets Modern Style
The yet to be names collection is inspired by royalty and captivated by uniqueness of the "special cut" stones, comprising radiant fancy cut jewelry that whispers luxury and glamour, in your ears, yours hands, fingers, heart and more. The collection is mesmerizing and truly a work of sheer brilliance that spells, spectacular focus by Kama on introducing exciting products for discerning diamond lovers and buyers, alike. To know more about this exquisite range of "poetry in diamond" that is soft, gentle, feminine and divine , visit their website-

Beauty, let me give you a name, for dream per se
The new collection was not just astounding, intricate, but it was beauty carved in sophistication but yet to get a name. When Kama Schachter asked us to give a suitable name for the collection, that moment I had 1000s names ligting in my mind, each a superlative of distinction, beauty and royalty. After a lot of deliberations, I decided to call this collection- Kalista

Kalista is of greek origin and means- most beautiful one. 

Why Kalista? What could be a more apt name than this, that would entice diamond lovers across the globe while creating a unique niche, own brand for this stunning rhapsody of diamonds with design. Kalista, in itself a summation of all things beautiful, all things precious. Isn't that a thing that all women across the world aim to- Beautiful [inside and out]. The diamond just helps them live what they believe and shine. Shine like a star, shine like a diamond, Shine like Kalista- the most beautiful one.

What could be a more apt name then Kalista which also signifies the intricate design that each piece of jewelery in this collection echoes and spells. K for Kama, K for Kalista.

If you ask me, a name is indeed very important for a brand cause it sets the brand apart from the clutter in market. The name should be unique, the name should be tongue catching, the name should sound sophisticated, the name should symbolizes the creation and the name is Kalista.

The Galib in me, could not stop saying this-

"Sitaro ke iss gulista mein
Dhamko, sawar ke, Kalista mein.
Yeh to chahat hai Kama ki, jo ban ke nikhar chaayi hai.
Isse khoobsoorat aur kya hai, iss jahan mein"

सितारों के इस गुलिस्तां में,
दमको, सवर के, कलिस्ता में. 
यह तो चाहत है "कामा " की ,
जो बन के निखार छाई हे। 
इससे ख़ूबसूरत और क्या है , इस  पत्थरो के जहान में । 

[In this world of stars, shine, being adorned in Kalista. For this is the love of "Kama" that is glowing like a splendor. Otherwise what else is as beautiful in this world of stones".]

That's Kama, folks! I hope next time when you have diamonds in your mind, you will definitely have Kama in your mind. Rakshabandhan is fast approaching and Diwali is sometime away. Heck! When do we need an "occasion" to buy our-self some beauty, luxury and happiness? I am going to gorge on Kama soon for my next diamond cravings. Hope to see there soon. Till then, smile and keep looking the beautiful self. Ciao.

To Diamonds, With love

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This post is written for- #DateWithDiamonds Name it, Blog it and Win Prizes contest. To know more, visit this link-

Thank you Kama for your love, design and hospitality. Shine, Splendor and Surprise.

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  1. Wow sounds like a perfect destination for bling, my birthday is just around the corner , will make sure I head there for a little treat.


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