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It's a Baggout with double G. Jee haan do you remember watching "Sansani" on a prime news channel some years back? If yes, you would also remember the idol, the brand that it created out from it's popular anchor, who went on to create "Senseni" among viewers. Jee haan Gaur se dekhiya, Yeh hi ho insaan who wanted to recently bitten with e-commerce and needs some retail therapy.

The truth is that he is so popular that going out on roads is near impossible as it would cause traffic jam and road block. So to meet his various shopping needs of garments, shoes, home furnishings, we have discovered a great new site-

Gaur se dekhiye Srivardhan Trivedi, the famous news reporter from "Sansani" news report, who would often, at later part of evening, come to dazzle your TV screens, narrating one crime incident after another. A lot time frightening you with his demeanor then the story he told. The stories he told were indeed serious but the way he narrated, indeed made #New #Paths in television News and anchoring.

So what happened when Mr. Trivedi's went out to shop with  Baggout? Here's what-

In the break time, the news channel displayed a small ad on how you can simply log on to the baggout website and register yourself and proceed with shopping. It also featured helpline number so that the audience can get educated about this. Post the break, wherein we find was taken by the anchor to surf new products using his "mobile app" for Baggout. Ahem ahem..the break ke baad... is creating lot of "Sansani" aka sensations around. Its magic could not even leave the popular anchor of the longest running news report on television untouched of it's charm. He is a converted shopper from I guess and he loved the discounts offered there. NO worry of validity, no hassle of cashback follow-ups..The website shopping was a pleasant and memorable experience for him. SO much that he occasionally found smiling seeing his phone. Well no..that was not the effect of any jokes or funny pictures but the product range and variety of coupons and cashback makes him sprinkle a smile.

So if you too want to sleep peacefully, wake up and buy some exciting range of bed sheet and bed covers from Not just that, you can choose from a wide range of products from apparels to carpets, to rugs to curtains t various other goods the associated merchants provide. Shopping is fun with Baggout.
It is a fictional post written by me for contest. It intends no hurt or harm to anyone involved including the popular anchor Shreevardhan Trivedi who created his own niche in the cluttered world of Television.

All the pictures used above are taken from google image search and the text added is by the blogger.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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