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When Zee gave me #Zindagi with #Zeel

It was very difficult to contain my happiness and hide emotion the moment when I saw promos of some Pakistani plays on my DTH at prime time. No I was not dreaming and neither was it cable mismatch. The television software giant and pioneer of digital entertainment in India- Zee TV has yet again revolutionized Indian television and content by bringing a new bouquet of offerings from #SarhadPaar. It is aptly called @Zindagi that will be going on air from 23rd June 2014.

I was a huge fan of Pakistani play and binged my heart and soul on the legends like #Tanhaiya, #Ankahi and #DhoopChaon that always shared its sweet smile via the classic videotapes they are stored in. Only I know the Internet bills that I exhausted to watch/download those lovely serials from YouTube and my failed attempts to download from Virus infested Torrent Sites... No more digital Virus anymore, I though. The only thing that going to be viral is - Happiness!

I logged on my computer to know more about Zindagi and the serials they are going to showcase. Guess I was looking for those 3 names that formed my formative years. However, this time the names were new and unfamiliar. They were nonetheless inspiring as always like- @ZindagiGulzarHai, Aunn Zara but still unfamiliar that I took it to my social network to find more and see if I can establish the same "connect" with them that I had with the 3 serials that I mentioned above. I saved the date.

The date is 23rd June 2014

#JodeyDilonKo with Indiblogger

While I those 3 Pakistani serials are one of the precious discoveries of my life, how can it remain untouched by another precious find- Indiblogger? Yes, it is then I received an email from Indiblogger team announcing an Indimeet. It was not just another Indimeet and knowing the vivacious team of Indiblogger, you know that none of their meets are- just another meet. they are special and this one was bound to be extra special off course, for it has that connect which #JedeyDilonKo

The Date 21st June 2014
Venue- Leela, Mumbai

The #JodeyDilonKo meet lived to its name and help connected bloggers from 2 different city- Mumbai and Delhi to come together and celebrate entertainment, the art of story telling, the art of real entertainment and above all the art of #JodeyDilonKo across the cities, borders, lifestyles. Here's a few glimpses of various #JodeyDilonKo moments and memories that the Indimeet created-

#JodeyDilonKo with Bloggers
More than 300 bloggers registered for the meet and came forth on same platform to meet, greet and Tweet! Bloggers from all walks of life, different genre- whether it is sports, poetry, fashion, Food assimilated in 2 different cities at same time to have that hearty tete a tete with each other and have a glimpse of the cute star #Imran Abbas

#JodeyDilonKo with technology
Distance never matters when two hearts truly care! It was epitomized when Delhi, Mumbai and Karachi got seamlessly connected with each other on same time and could not just see each other but have a real communication, debate and chat at same time without any black outs and interruption. It felt great to see some known faces and blogger friends like Manjulika, Kriti, Neha and other others in attendance.

#JodeyDilonKo with a healthy and rib tickling debate between #Mumbai vs #Delhi
I guess after #India and #Pakistan [largely for cricket matches] MUmbai V/s Delhi is the most debated about topic among the citizens of India.
Ewww When Did Delhi Men become Hotter than Mumbai? #Debating Societies. 

#JodeyDilonKo with story telling and Content Seeding
The meet showcased few trailers of the upcoming show on Zindagi TV including the beautiful "Kitne Girahe abhi baaki hai". The promo took my heart away with a perfect blend of symbolic story telling with words like- "Kitni Girahe kholi maine, Kitni girahe abhi baaki hai..Paaon mein paayal, haath mein kangan, gale mein hansli, kamar bandh" poured a different intensity in my heart with an eye feasting visuals of a woman who symbolized these jewelries with her freedom and voice. Brilliant Creativity!

#JodeyDilonKo with Channel and people behind the Shows
When I watch a beautiful thing, say a show or movie, I always feel like meeting and knowing the talented people behind it who brought that beautiful emotion to me, painstakingly. This meet enabled bloggers to meet and interact with the intellect behind the channel and the show that included the lead actor, scriptwriter, director and executives from ZEEL like Priyanka Datta [Business head- Zindagi], Vanita Jain [Head of programming], Akash Chawla [marketing head] and Shailja Kejriwal -Chief Creative Head- Special projects. These talents essays that how stereotypes of Saas-Bahu and regressive content on Indian TV needs a break. 

#JodeyDilonKo with Handsome @ImranAbbas 
All the females in Pakistan knew Imran Abbas. All the young girls in India knew Imran Abbas. Now entire India will know Imran Abbas, the emerging face of Pakistani serials and upcoming Bollywood thriller Creature 3D. Hush Hush Fatima's younger sister Ameena told me that her sister has huge crush on him and done a great Internet research on him before coming for the meet. hush -hush, 99% of the female bloggers present in the meet had done that. The 1% residual was me who just could not take her eyes over this eye candy star and went home and obliged my research :)
#JodeyDilonKo with Music and Roohaniyat
I just told you how good the actor looks but do you know that he has a voice to die for. He not just looks beautiful but he sings beautifully too...that too without any studio sync and on the moment singing. He started with an interlude from "Aisa Desh hai tera" from Veer Zara and pulled stops to all heartbeats from this beautiful rendition that he sung from Aashiqui 2. Do not believe the besotted me? Get yourself besotted hearing this-

#JodeyDilonKo with Sultana Aapa, the genius behind +Zindagi Gulzar Hai 
Technology connected bloggers from India with the graceful Sultana Siddiqui, director of the serial at Pakistan. She not just charmingly spoke about the story and character sketch of her serial debuting on Indian Satellite Shores but gracefully took all the questions from bloggers across the cities. She confirmed that one of my character "Qabacha" is part of her current series and promised me to try bringing the affable Marina Khan soon. Please Bring @ShehnazSheikh too I quipped :)

#JodeyDilonKo with blog and Twitter contest
 Indimeets are always laden with fun and interesting contests and given it's fastest real time speed and response- Twitter steals the show with photo contest and Tweet contest. I was happy to see many of the known bloggers well deserving prizes for their twitter entry and last minute blog posts. A friend even got a MOTO brilliant is that.

#JodeyDilonKo with Wonderful Hosts
Team Indiblogger is a delight to interact with. The reason that Indimeets are so well organized and well conducted events is not just one but many. It begins from master blaster Techno geek Renie Ravin to Affable Vineeth, gorgeous Nandita, Sweetheart Swati and ever vivacious, ever spontaneous and one helluva lot of host- Anup Johnson who is beyond agendas and above real time fun. His impeccable sense of humor and harmless bickering with his co host Nihal at Delhi, stole the show.

This and much more made #JodeyDilonKo Indimeet an affair to remember and cherish. While some bloggers won vouchers, bag packs and some went empty handed. But none of the blogger went empty hearted and that is what #JodeyDilonKo  is all about. Isn't it?

I am back home and tuning to my favorite music from Gulam Ali Khan and some gems from Coke Studio including the songs that Fatima, a fellow blogger had earlier sent me from these shows. I feel so connected with them now and they start making much sense than ever.

Indiblogger you truly have #JodeyDilonKo with Zindagi, Zee haan!

For more glimpses of this event, pl click here

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