Of Rains, Hot India Pakodas and Ginger Tea

June 28, 2014 1 Comments

When it rains, I stand near my window pane
and watch the slash of water
its  sight, its sound and ripples
fill my heart with joyous laughter

It is not just view, but cravings too
mark up monsoon for me
Hot tea and hot bread
entices my Indian Palate
I just can not have enough of them
the things that I call my "Pakoda Platter"

Umm "Pakoda", "Bhajiya" AKA "Fritters" are such a marvel of food that even a thought of them kindles our appetites and make us reach out for them. If it is raining, then they are just #MustHave. I remember how in school days, I would cajole my mom to make me some pakodas at drop of hat. I will be joined by my father on rainy days and we both will demand, bega nd cajole her to make some pakodas. Crispy fritters made of gram flour and assorted vegetables like Potaotoes, Onions, Brinjals, Chilli and what not. And if that fare is topped with a cup of hot ginger-cardmom tea, Insah Allaaah! baat ban jaaye!

My favorite Pakodas
I loved pakodas of all type, especially if they are not bland. Some of my top favorites are Onion Bhajji and Bread Pakora. Now Bread Pakora is made in two different styles. Here, I am telling you about the "Delhi" style Bread pakoda that is made with potatoes, in a different way, with a cup of Flavored Cardmom tea, a meal in itself

Recipe of my Delhi Style Bread Pakoda with Potatoes
What happens when fresh white bread is dunked in batter of bright Yellow thick gram flour, scented with little aafoetida, little garlic, little parsley and deep fried in Indian wok. Sprinkled with tangy Chaat masala and yummy cream dips? I guess #FoodGasm happens.

To make that #FoodGasm a double enriching affair, add your favorite mashed vegetables inside it as a succulent, crispy, soulful stuffing. Two pieces down the throat, your heart will be stuffed as much as your stomach is. Here' I am using the popular potato mash to up the ante

For potato Mash- Take 2-3 potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed
Chop some onions and mix it in the potato mash.
Add the following too in the mash and soft knead- A spoon of red chili powder, 1/2 spoon of crushed garlic, 1 pinch of Asafoetida, 1/4 spoon of aromatic Fennel seed and salt as per taste.

Your heart of the dish is ready and now time to wrap that heart in an equally delicious, awesome body made of gram flour.

In a clear Borosil bowl, take 3-4 big spoons of Gram flour, add little salt, little water and make a batter with thick consistency. At this stage too you may be tempted to eat it, raw, as I do..no thanks to thick, slurrpy batter. Do not dare to eat but dare to have some patient.

Take a slice of fresh plain bread. place a thin layer of potato mash on it. Now Top it with other slice n press them together. Now dip the bread inside the batter, so that it fully get en-rapped in it. Now take a wok and heat oil in it and slowly leave the battered bread inside it to deep fry. Take a ladle and turn it down so the hot oil fries it from both side and release the aroma of the sweet fennel seed. Once it turns golden yellow, take it out from wok and keep it on kitchen paper towel to soak away excess oil.

The flavorful cardamom Tea
Take saucepan and boil a cup of water in it. Add a spoon of your favorite tea leaf in side it, along with a small bite of grated ginger and bring it to boil till the color turns golden. Now add 2 cardamom [slit open with covering] in it and add milk and sugar. Stir it occasionally and bring it to boil. After two boils, switch off your cooking gas and remove the saucepan. Take a sieve and a nice serve ware from Borosil and sieve out the tea in it and top that with two small leaves of Tulsi.

Serving the Bread pakoda and Cardmom tea with Borosil
So you have done your bit and made a delicious dish. But Sweetheart! A delicious dish is incomplete with right presentation. It is a right presentation that makes the dish look more appetizing and drool worthy. It is right serve ware that makes the presentation right. And I use Borosil to make my food look delectable and delicious, much before you pick it up to take a bite. So here I take a Celebration Platter from Borosil to serve the delicious pakodas.

Before serving, place the bread pakoda on a flat plate and with the help of a sharp knife, cut it from on edge to other, in 2 triangles. Do with other bread Pakodas as well. Now take fine chopped corrainder [ just a tea spoon] and sprinkle it on the platter. Now keep the Pakodas over them. Take a small bowl and pour some ketchup or corriander chutney inside it and place it in middle.

Final garnish- Take a some chat masala and sprinkle over the bread Pakodas. Relish the dish with Hot tea that you just made.

The crispy bread Pakoda will crunch and frunch in your mouth with its smooth heart of potatoes and onion that will simmer and soak in. Need I say what green Corriander do to us? Aha! It is heavenly flavor and goes well with food. I prefer it with a little crunch, a little punch of green chillies. The garlic will just melt and tea, ahh it will sooth your senses and keep you warm. The ginger n cardamom is sure shot a kick!

And yeah worry your weight no more. Just add a little style to your food, add little Borosil to tour food and Bon Appetite

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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