Alphabet Soup Song

July 06, 2014 2 Comments

It is raining and how much we all wish to have some hot savories and soup and tea in this season. Soup aha! Now that is a healthy craving. Here's a little "Alphabet" Soup Song for "soul of all the food lovers out there. So is it just a random list of A for Apple and B for Borosil? Nopes it is not. Actually I made a soup last evening and I thought, I will use some skills with alphabets here to reproduce the soup recipe without using any pictures. What say? Are you game for soup? Let's brew-

A for Asparagus - The first green ingredient that is exotic and healthy
B For Brocolli - Awesome, delicious and made for your belly.
C For Cream, Fresh and churned
D for Dry Fruits to bring the sweet n crispy flavor making it succulent.
E for Edame, it is a nutritious bean
F for Farm Fresh and that's how these all vegetables should be
G for Garnish, that we shall use at the end of dish
H for hot, that is how the soup should be
I for Ingredients that will make it delicious
J for Jeera, roast and powdered
K for "Kadai" or wok or any utensil that you want to boil ur soup in
L for "Lentil" if you like
M for Mmmm the color looks splendor
N for namak, some salt that you need to sprinkle
O for Onions, long diced n fried for garnish
P for Parboil all green vegetable
Q for "Quickly" mash and pulp up, grinding the bean
R for "Residual" Veg, let them there be.
S for "Sieve" if you want it really slim
T for "Toast" all the crunchy nuts and cut them in small pieces to top up on the bowl

U for "Utensil" Ah now here's when "Borosil" comes in. Crystal colors serve ware, an ideal bowl where your soup should be in. It makes it looks appetizing and as fascinating as it could be

V for "Varnish" your base with nuts and spice

W for "workout" the texture you want your soup to survive
X for "Extra Edge" that Black Pepper will give
Y for "Yummy", the yummy green soup is now ready
Z for "Zest" of lemon if you want it to be more preppy.

And that's how a cookie crumbles oops "soup simmer and sizzles...a "Green Exotic Asian" soup is made by yours truly. It makes my rainy day, a healthy day. Sometime I eat it with garlic bread- freshly bakes, roasted and toasted with dollops of butter pouring over it. Yumm...

If you liked my "Alphabet soup song, do try it at home and share your feedback. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. I gave my own tune to this song :P

    Good luck Ekta! :)

  2. How unique was that! I was actually imagining different tunes :) All the best!


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