My Borosil Khichdi

July 07, 2014 3 Comments

What makes a perfect meal?
Food that is healthy and still be tasty
and look like a million dollar
So could you still resist her?

She is the Indian Khichdi
light weight yet full of energy
Most recommended when it came to healthy
it is time to make it tasty and million dollar Sexy!!!

Last week, I made some khichdi that I had to finish it by next 2 days as no one wanted to take a dig in it. I tried to analyze and made amends. This week when I made khichdi, there was barely anything left even for me.

How Borosil makes my dull and boring Khichdi, star of the show and best seller of the table?

It was always plain
and Bland as they may call
a little twist and it turned the table
so delicious that they finished it all.

My borosil Khichdi, made with rice and pulse
and sauted vegetables,
with a helping hand of a spoon of ghee

My recipe is simple
fresh mixed vegetables, some grated, some long
A little tadka of Indian Spices
and a presentation that is strong

In a pressure cooker that I make
heat little ghee and Splutter some mustard
add some fennel, Cinamon stick
half a bay leaf and a pinch of asafoetida
Ummm the aromatic, lifting asafoetida,
Added vegetables, turmeric and salt
Let it simmer but first mix it all.

It may be a little initial a stage
when I add grains to this delicious maze
and roast them vegetables for a minute,
only to add water and cover it up.

Pressure cook till 3 whistles
uncove the cooker and let it fizzle
transfer the content in serving casserole
wait we r not done yet, to the rigmarole

Take a small pan and heat some ghee
The ingredients that I mention, note them carefully.
a pinch of asafoetida and half a spoon of Carrom
Splutter and sizzle and add slit red chilies

Turn off the gas
and pour the ghee
atop the central crater of the khichdi

Accompany the dish with Pickle and Papad 
Some mash potatoes could also be served thereafter
If subtle is your flavor, add some curd
even if it is plain, it doesn't taste absurd.

Cooking is a science and serving it is an art
So go pick up some "Borosil" cook ware and dinnerware
from the nearest mart
The richness in flavor is needed to be seen
just aroma alone doesn't makes the perfect ending
eat with your senses and relish the flavor
don't stick to dull khichdi
add more natural color.

Like I do with mine
with red [tomatoes] pink [onions] green [vegetables]
white [potatoes] and some times a dash of lime.
Mango pickle just oozes and oodles
it taste great and adds the oomph factor.

My Borosil Khichdi supports the notion.
That dining is not just nose and tongue's motion
if it is an eye opener, don't be surprise
but a lot of time, you eat with your eyes


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. That was a yummilicious poem Ekta! Best wishes...

    The Arts & Me

  2. slurpp slurrp... awesome post! :) best of luck for the contest :)


  3. the way your poetry epitomizes khichdi is so very inspiring.. way to go girl.. best wishes


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