A Sweet & Salty Chat from my Food Memoir

July 02, 2014 9 Comments

On my way to Office today, I saw a cute pair of a brother and sister sharing a cone of ice cream outside the Food stall. Their cute sight filled my heart with some fond memories, some fond "food" memories that I had with my younger brother- Anurag AKA Tinku. I would often call him Tinkooo and he will come to my call, softly whispering about the savories mom would be making. Ah! Those lovely food memories that I shared with my brother. Let us keep that for another day, and continuing my post from previous day, Let me tell you how me and my kid brother Tinks would plan our "mom made delights" with schedules of our arrival, stay and depart from hostel to home.

My younger brother would often call mom from hostel with his dates of arrival to and even a longer wishlist of all the yummy food that mom makes. Often his wishlist would be sub-routed through me. Our conversation would go something like this-

Tinks- DeeDee, please tell mom that I am coming home next week at 2pm on Monday

Me- Ok. Come soon and safely. We are waiting. 

Tinks: Hope you will keep your room clean and ready for me.

Me: My room? Why my room? Where will I stay? [grrr my room would be kid-napped now]

Tinks- What Deedee? Where will your cute, little younger, innocent brother will stay then? And who will tell you those wonderful jokes and stuff?

Me- I am not letting you inside my room. Stop dreaming and talk business. My STD is expensive.

Tinks- Okay ok...I miss you all and especially mom made food. 

Me: I know it all boils down to "mom made food". And am sure you will have a wishlist too. So Shoot.

Tinks: Hee heee.. My sister is getting smart in my company. Tell momma to make Sandwiches, chowmein, Masala Dosa, Dhokla, Dal-Chawal and aloo ki sabji, etc etc for me.

Me [quite bored this time]- Whoa! What is that list? Wait, wait, hold..one at a time.

Tinks: Why don't you note them down so you won't forget

Me: Am I your steward to write them all down? SMS me. Yeah..I will ask her to make it today only and store in fridge hee hee:P

Tinks- No way. You are going to make your "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother" eat old, stale food? You mean sister...I am gonna take your "Borosil" bartan with me back to Nashik.

MeBorosil Bartan? They are not "Bartan" but exclusive range of cookware and serveware. Dare you touch my Borosil collection ...Buy your own. I am keeping this phone down

Tinks- Arre Sorry sis, would you not let your "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother" enjoy his food the way you do? [sob sob start of emotional atyachaar]

Me- Ok fine..I will let you eat in my Borosil bowls but you have to eat Khichdi as well. That is the must to do condition.

Tinks- Khichdi? eeeks oops..Okay I will do that. Provided it is "Borosil Khichdi".

Me: Yeah Sure thing. BTW, do you know what mom cooked for breakfast today?

Tinks: Oh No! Don't tell me. I miss eating good food...

Me [without hearing his plea to not tell]: We had "Chowmein" in the breakfast.. It was yum, slurrp, slender so much flavorful. You know mom put 3 types of capsicum in it- red, Green and Yellow. It looked so "exotic" like they show on Zee TV. Oh Tinku, she crushed "burnt garlic" and added in it, which give such a beautiful aroma and those cherry tomatoes and mixed veg that she stirr fried and added...Ummm that was so yumm.. I mixed tomato ketchup and finished two plates in one go..Burpp!

Tinks: Boohoo I want to "chowmein" now. My sister is so bad. How can you tempt me with such an exclusive description of my favorite thing, knowing that I cannot have it now and have to wait for it for another week. You are such a meanie. What a Khaap panchayat you are. I am keeping the phone down.

Me: Okay Okay.. I will not tell you further about the Chowmein  that she made in breakfast today or the Besan ke Laddoos she made yesterday, or the malai kulfi  or the colorful double cheese burst Pizza with 3 types of cheese and garden fresh vegetable that she is baking now with a great smell of pine nuts and Oregano, using Borosil glassware..

Tinks: Mom is making Pizza today?

Me: Yes, The "double cheese burst pizza" with 3 types of cheese my "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother". She is layering it with fresh tomato sauce and sizzling Olives. Oh, it looks so amazing on this flat bread rectangular pizza that she is baking. Do you know that she is using a special "herb" crust for it? And the toppings would be all garden fresh vegetables like Zucchini, Brocolli, Onions, Sweet Corn, Jalapeno, Pine nuts, Fresh white cubes of marinated paneer. You like Paneer na!

Tinks: yes, I like Paneer but I hate you for telling me all this. Bye. I am trying to pre-pone my trip to home and eat everything without letting you eat. Bye bye. [Bangs the phone]

.....Well that was a memoir of my "Food talk" with "cute, little, sweet, innocent young brother". Our sweet and Salty chit chat continued. In case, if you are wondering what is Borosil Khichdi, read this space for more.
I have written this post for Borosil and Indiblogger's contest- My beautiful Food. 
Borosil is the reason and magic behind beautiful preparations and food presentation over decades. To know more about their ranges pl visit their website here

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  1. Well written Ekta...loved your dialogues with your little brother :)

    1. Thank you so much Uma...Yes my bro is genius in eating my brains out and emotional blackmailing me :D

  2. This is a sweet conversation .... all the best for the contest :-)

  3. Hey, did it really happen? Nicely written... And, you were actually making me drool... All the best for the contest :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Yes. In fact my and younger brother were like a house on ummm magic.. we used to have a cool bro-sis relation back in our childhood and growing up years :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ekta.


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