Mom, I'm coming home...

July 01, 2014 8 Comments

Ask anyone who stay away from home and family and battles that tasteless hostel food, the joy of a mother's cooking and eating from your mom's hands. Ummmm.. it is when we realize the value of our moms and their gourmet delights.

I spent a great part of my life staying away from my home, my pa, my mom and the delicious food she made. The usual Sunday fare of hot piping idli dunked in spicy coconut chutney, sloshed inside the home made sambhar..Ummmm temptations of that soft, spongy, Fluffy Yellow Dhoklas that my mom would garnish in hot oil, tempered mustard seeds, aromatic curry leave and that soulful bowl of chopped green coriander sprinkled all over. I am so much in love with all things that my mom cook including the "Daal Tadka" that mom would make every afternoon, to be soaked with the aromatic herb Jeera rice that she would make for lunch. I was always unsure that was it the flavor of rich lentil, soaked in urn, boiled and cooked or is the aroma of Asafoetida that she would use in tadka or was it chunks of wok stirred, slender pieces of onion and green chillies that bowled me over. It was everything including the shuddh "Ghee" that she used for additional Tadka, warmed and mixed with red chilli powder. Man! I am feeling hungry, greedy for those flavors, Aroma that would sate my eyes, nose, throat, tongue, tummy and my soul. I really am greedy for the rich food you make.

I would often dunk my fingers inside it, pour a heart full on the bed of soft Herb and Jeera Flavored rice, mix and savor the simple yet heavenly delight in my mouth. Mom no one makes that daal like you do, no one.

My evenings are dunk in memories of assorted breads, pakodas and that evening tea that mom would make. Sometime there would be a favor served in form of home made Dosa, Masala Dosa and sometime, my favorite noodles that mom makes better than mainland China.

Food is many a splendor memories and food at home, is all fond. Food at hostel is a nightmare and I cannot wait to take my next trip home and gorge on all that yummy food that mom made, in her Borosil cookware and serve ware.

Yes, one of my mom's alibi was Borosil, that stayed with mom from years on years.. It was borosil that did justice to my mom's flavorful cooking. The sheer transparent, clear glass could effectively hold the true color, look and form the food that my mom would serve to me. Often I would not wait for a plate and eat straight away from the utensil..Often I would react as impatient when it came to food, when it came to Borosil.

This Diwali, my company gifted us a nice big bowl from Borosil and that bring back all those memories back college days, when I would be stationed at hostel, fancying the lovely food that my mom made. How even the thought of it made me restless and salivating at it. How I could not wait for next Holiday and would look for reasons to rush home. 

Mom I am still the same. Even though today I get to eat at the finest of Restaurants and meals by world renowned Chefs, it is your food that always made my heart fond and my stomach fonder. I still miss your lovely hand made food and I am coming home to savor all that lovely food and beverages that you make.
The above post is written for "My Beautiful Food" Contest by Indiblogger and Borosil. To know more about making your food beautiful, do visit-

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  1. After reading post, now I am hungry.

  2. Your description of food is so tempting

  3. That description made me hungry too .....

  4. Such an awesome post! EVrytime I am about to rush home all I can think of is mom's homemade food! Nicely written!

  5. Bang on girlfriend ,
    Bang on !!
    Where my mom now :(

  6. Lovely ! Your post made me very hungry :)
    - themoonstone


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