Will You Berry Me?

July 05, 2014 6 Comments

She was a Master in Business Administration and he, a mariner from Merchant navy. She was the pampered daughter and he, a rugged male prodigy. She was an absolute foodie who loved trying new cuisine but he, very strong about his tastes and flavors. She was a day dreamer princess and he, a practical dare devil. They met via few friends and an age old "Yahoo Group" and exchanged camaraderie.

There was something "cooking" between them. The formal "hi-hello" turned in to casual chats and some long hour telephone calls. Soon she knew that she has developed an "appetite" for him and, he had got a "flair" for her. Their secret rendezvous over phone and Internet were filled with "aromas" of love and "Tadka" of desi ada. He would give her "Mithais" over the call and soon they decided to meet and further "cook" up their love with "ladle" of relation, commitment and "preservatives" of tradition.

The designated day came when he flew from his Business school to her city for a luncheon. They landed to a city mall and over some fanciful "Cheesy sizzlers" and "spicy starters" and "Tangy Lemonades", love started brewing between them. "Dessert" he asked her. "yes, how about Mithais" she added and laughed shyly. Their fondness for sweet took them to this open air lobby of a coffee shop. It might be the "hot" day of April but the two love birds were so deep dunked in each other's eyes that little did they cared about the weather. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" she heard and wanted to know the way towards his stomach and requested him to order his favorite Dessert.

In a minute or a two, a plate of sizzling "Hot chocolate brownie" landed on their table oozing oomph, steam and that pleasant smell of freshly baked "walnut brownie" Ummm she felt. It is then, the steward poured a soulful jar of hot, rich, dark chocolate sauce over the white Vanilla ice cream that filled down till the brim, soaking the walnut brownie inside it.

The site filled her heart with mush and that was the time when they break some ice between them. She requested him to postpone his flight and take one at late evening. "Will you cook for me" he asked? "yes" she said in enthusiasm, only to regret later as she never cooked anything in past 2 years and scared what if he did not like what she cooked? It seemed that he understood her agony and offered to eat even maggi provided that is stewed by her.

When she reached home, she realized that she had run out of cooking gas and all that she has in her fridge was some assorted berries like blue berry, strawberry, black currant, Cherry etc. Ah! tey look lovely. But what do I do with them so they look appealing. I can't serve them just like that..what should I do, she thought. He worried eyes gleamed when she saw a bake-ware from her "Borosil" collection and heaved a sigh of relief. her mind started racing and she knew exactly what she needs.

She made the simple "Berry Pudding" with assorted colorful fresh berries and whipped cream. Added some liquid chocolate on it and garnished with crunchy nuts n raisins.

A bed of a spoonful maple sauce, she poured in Borosil microwave-able serving plate and  layered it with refreshed up berries. She took a blender and whipped the cream, and chopped the nuts in Gourmet Mixer and grinder of Borosil. She dropped a little honey on plate and baked it for less than 30 seconds. The plate looked succulent with juicy berries ensconced with maple sauce and honey. She took some fresh cherry and run it under gentle cold water and kept the bunch on top of her dish. The white cream that was as foamy as cloud, beaten, whipped and sugar free, was laid smartly over the berry top and poured a sinful dose of liquid chocolate, sprinkled with nutty nuts. Ah! That looks a perfect love making between the Berries and honey and chocolate and the dish. The different colors of berries looked resplendent in her clear, Transparent Borosil serving plate with visible maple sauce glazed into it. 

"It looks awesome, wonder how will it taste" she thought before taking the plate to dining table. Alas! not much choice that is left, she took along a Pizza pamphlet, hidden behind her hands. He was waiting for her and as she placed the plate on table, he appreciated the awesome, artistry look of the dish and asked her the name of it. She thought for a while, gathered her strength and smiled. And said- I Love You Berry Much!

He looked at her and take a spoonful, dug it inside the berry pool and pierced a piece and took it to his mouth and ate. He left the spoon and turned towards her, sat on his knees and took hold of her hands and asked- Will you Berry me?

She winked and said- yes. And they lived happily ever after, berry berry much.

So that was a love story made in heaven and executed on earth. What is your food love story? Do share with us.

For food is aphrodisiac.
food is pleasure
food when presented well,
creates many memories that our palate treasures.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Nice romantic story. I thought he was a mariner in merchant navy. Which "his business school" he flew from to her city?

    1. Yes.. Merchant navy Ppl sometime return back to shore to do MBA as well. He was one of those. Otherwise how wud they have met.

    2. You should have mentioned that. I thought they met “via a few friends” and an age old “Yahoo Group”.

  2. Ekta What a tasteful story .I feel hungry already .Loved your rich thoughts dipped in sugary syrup :)

  3. I loved the title and it brought me here :D
    Overall, a nice romantic tale. :) and yes a yummy one :D

  4. Such a lovely post!!!


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