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I know what you are looking at. I know what excites you more. The color, the form, the way she moves, the way she looks and the way it makes you feel. Yes, the way she makes you feel, makes you go ahead, break your barriers, touch her body and enter her heart. Morning, noon and night, you love her and find the reason to be with her, making love, demonstrating your love. Aren't you one of those? Oh yes, if you are the one, then this post/review is totally for you. Read more, to know more...

Answer the few questions and we will tell whether it is love, lust or merely an infatuation-

1) You cannot keep your eyes off her
a) All the Time
b) Occasionally
c) Never

2) You look for excuses to touch her
a) Yes, very much
b) Occasionally
c) Naah! no such feelings

3) You like to know more about her, more the better
a) Bingo
b) Huh! Sometimes
c) Who Cares

4) How possessive you are about her?
a) As possessive as Shahrukh Khan in Darr
b) I am just concerned
c) As long as I get my utility, I care none the much

It is time to know the results. If it is-
  • Mostly (a)- Men! You are a wild, possessive and passionate lover who likes to know more, experience more, explore more. Stay tuned for this post to know more about how you can take your love to next level.
  • Mostly (b) - You seem to be a little diverted. Though faithful you not very concerns. You need to probably spend more time with her, trying to look her closely. if still doesn't improve your (a), then this post may be very helpful for you as well.
  • Mostly (c)- Chuck it, Men! you are not into her. This post is not for you.
I was one among the many in the category (b). I risked falling into category (c) but thankfully I came across this beautiful website-  and fell in love with her, deeply, madly and beyond return.

She is none other than anyone but "my car". Yes, the sexy, slender, well-designed car that I am discovering a new found love for, courtesy carconnect. What else did you think? :)

The Ultimate Car Experience with

I hope you enjoyed that small fun quiz to know your "car quotient". here's more about the website.

What is
Carconnect is a web portal wherein you can share your car experiences, compare the latest cars, find cars that fall in your budget, be updated with the latest and changing trends for the global automobile industry and not just that. You can also connect and interact with like-minded people who share a passion for cars just like you and of course, yours truly.

Why car connect? 7 reasons that you should try
Well, I just told you the different features it offers. If you think you know of that other competitive portal that also has similar details, well they may have but there is an edge that has with others. Some of the stuff that I liked-

1) Ease of usage- The website is simple to use and had a great ease of application

2) Connectivity- It is fast to upload and navigate

3) Multiple Features- The website has a comprehensive "can do" features to cater different needs at one stop

4) Hassle Free Login- You need not have to go through the rigorous procedure to register and open an account on this website. Neither do you have to hassle yourself with username and [password]. You can simply log in using Facebook" with just one click.

5) Different Strokes for Different folks- No 2 cars are same. Similarly, no 2 users will be the same. We just saw in quiz above as how a person owning a car can be either category a, b or C. Nevertheless, the website caters to different types of car people and users here.

6) Comparative Analysis- This indeed a great feature and comes very handy especially when you are planning a buy and confused with a car or have 2 more cars in your name or yet to key in your requirement. In case if you want to save or print later, The PDF option will be a great help. 
7) It is free of cost. No subscription fee or handling charges

Well, that was my 7 reasons supporting my experience with the website. Here are few more facts-

This is how the landing page looks-

What Numerounity says about this page-

Here's how your profile will look like, which will also have details of your "dream car", "dream route" and others. You can check all the experiences that you have shared here under- Car experience and Long Drive Experience with visibility on "published" posts, under moderation or saved drafts and including some posts that you have submitted and are yet not approved, so that you can send reminders

My experience- I am a category (b) car lover [given my limited budgets] and being not so fond of it, I was apprehensive to try it out in beginning. I learnt it via Indiblogger and could not resist trying it out. My experience so far has been good. I was happy to create my account and use the site without any hassle. It was easy to download and easy to navigate. I find it to be a website that connect with you in ways more than just one, giving you a multiple turn around user experience. Though I have not searched for like minded people, I see this site as clean and hassle free "one stop" tool to know more about cars, latest in technology and a good comparative tool while buying my long awaited automatic car. Oh yes! I have submitted a recent experience of my "Long drive" road trip to Ambey valley and found the interface absolutely delightful in terms of writing the content, selecting categories, uploading pictures etc. Especially the image upload wherein a lot of site takes almost mammoth hours to upload a picture but still give erroneous messages like picture too big for mat not supported. thankfully that was not the case here with 

The fact that the owners of i.e. Magma has not used it as a white board for spam advertising is commendable.

Overall I had a good experience and yes, I will definitely recommend this to my friends, family, acquaintances and others.
My rating 3.5/5

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