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July 03, 2014 0 Comments

It's my birthday and my friends wanted a party. Party? But where? There is  no much time for me to scout for a venue and make arrangements. Besides, I have to do my house this weekend- a task that I have been postponing from months now, no thanks to my busy schedule. Thankfully I got a breather this weekend but...friends want to party?

Hmm I need to make both ends meet. While I do my house, I would need someone to give me feedback about it. Voila! Let us throw a party at home.  Lets rock the party with a rocking decor. The theme would be relax, rejuvenate and Rock!

My house is done in "bare minimum" and simplistic style and that is how I love it. Too much of decor makes me feel uncomfortable. Besides, I would need place for people to sit, stand and dance.

To make my home "a rocking party den", all I need is little bit of imagination, little bit of style and lot of surfing to to select from their wide range of products. After all, there is also an end of year sale that is going in there. Since it is rainy season, I plan to use multiple colors to create a different effect. So here we go-

My bachelor's pad need a rock chic sofa to add style and premium to it. Here's this "Orange Sofa" that I have been eyeing from a while.
Fab Home Dinar Three Seater Sofa in Half Leather,Three Seater Sofas
With a cool sofa, comes a cool table. And if the table is multi purpose than Balle- Balle. Here's what I found that will act as a table and also a place to play ,many board games that I planned. My solid wood coffee table for coffee, conversations and board games-
Elmwood Arboga Coffee Table With Four Stools,Coffee Tables
For a rocking party, we need some rocking lights..on the about this-
Sylvn Studio Lattice Brown Hanging Lamp,Decorative & Mood Lighting

Decals Rock
They are much in demand, they are easy to use and they look absolutely fab. I have decided to use some decals for my house that would match with theme and  go well with overall mood.
I would use this sticker here and would strategically place a "real guitar in the picture in position as shown below-
DeStudio Angel Guitar Wall Sticker Black,Wall Decals & Stickers

Other things to decorate the room would be-
Fiorenza Beaded Candle Dull Gold,Designer Candles
This Riva Brown and orange area rug got me colors and got me thinking-
Riva Brown And Orange Contemporary Wilton Viscose Area Rug,Area Rugs
Some Flower vases-
Blossoms My Sweet Home Flower Bouquet With Pot,Flowers Fiorenza Aster In Ceramic Pot Purple,Flowers

cushion and throwbacks-
Ultra-Snob Rich Sequins Cushion Cover With Satin Bow Tie,Single Cushion Cover

Isn't that lovely? I have many plans as such up on my sleeve, If you are wondering how would that cushion go with the brown sofa? Well do  not worry as I have not got the cushion for sofa but for a red color "seating" near the guitar decal. It will look awesome on the white tiles.

Next very important factor is dining and beverages. In parties like house aprties, food and presentation is key essential.

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