The Tale of the Time

October 10, 2013 , 12 Comments

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I saw a man
sitting on a park bench
leaning his head down, submersed
in sea of thoughts immense

he looked down the ground
the muddy grassy ground
swarming in his own thoughts
thoughts that he found profound.

He closed his eyes
to find some running clocks
That stood behind him
moving tic, toc tic toc

Tic toc, tic toc
as the clock chuckled
it raffled many memories
of days that he left after

It was the time when he was born
to the million hours of time
he clocked behind him
time that still running, beside

The seconds turns to minutes
and in turn to hours
in no time did he see
that time has run him over

Watch your time, Said the clock

as it kept moving... tic toc tic toc

Tic toc..tic toc
"time is running"- is a note to self
So much to do and time is less

Time is a luxury
that neither richness can afford
nor poor can en-cash, it just flows.
Time is money
that makes the best it's slave
who stitches in time 
to save a day, a life or nine.

between lesser evil or greater goods
It's not the choice that we make
it's not about the right or wrong
It is about the time is takes

We are the puppet on the string
in the hands that rocks the world
we are slave of our own time
from dawn to twilight and again to a new dusk

I can see time fly
lest I can stop or revert
time redeems time and again
infuriates, warns, smiles and assert

The time doesn't wait though
There are many clocks
that alerts

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  1. Anonymous10 October

    Our time on earth truly is a gift and it does pass all too quicky

  2. time is precious! eloquently expressed the fact :)

    1. Thanks Saurabh for your beautiful comment :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes indeed Ali/ Farzana.

      I am glad that you stumble on my keep visiting :)

  4. We talk about killing time while it kills us quietly.

    1. Very true. Time just moves dangerously. It waits for none.. not even guilt, regret or emotions.

  5. Wow, makes me want to check my time now and then, perhaps. Well written, bravo!

    1. Thanks so much Tharun for your lovely comments! :)

  6. A wake up call on Time and its importance :) Nice one


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