Vicious Cycle of Life

October 31, 2013 4 Comments

This post is written for 3 Words Wednesday using the prompt words- Sharp, Depressed, Fuzzy.

I tried to convert this into a picture post. Image source:

Its' a 55 word story with an open end climax and urge my readers to suggest their take and possible climax.
You can mention them at the comments section below or write a post in your blog, add link to and leave a comment here. Invite all your participation! 

The otherwise "Sharp" girl was "depressed" over the "fuzzy" ways of her love life. She tried to work out but in vain. He was in his vicious best. She lost her faith each passing day, month and year. When love continued to play side fiddle, she took a decision.
Any guesses what that decision was?

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. If she took a decision against herself, as the picture may be hinting towards, I'd call is a bad decision - she needs to be strong and go on.

  2. Naah...abhra..I dont think so. The red shoes reminds me of dorothy from wizard of oz. I'd say she rode her bicycle to a calm quiet place where she is lying down and thinking about home and going back to it. She wishes just like dorothy that by clicking the heels of her shoes she can go back home and the nightmare(herein nightmare...was a dream in wizard of oz though) that her life is, will be over. How about that? :)

    1. That's Fantastic! What a surreal touch to it! You rock!

    2. Hey...thanks :) your comment made my day :)


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