Thou Shalt Pray

October 27, 2013 13 Comments

"It lingers my mind
and all shrines without fussing
between Ram & Rahim"

--- A Haiku on Prayers

Everyone has their own reason to pray. I pray to bring more harmony to self. I pray to connect myself with god and establish a two way communication with him.

Praying comes a long way. I believe it is God's own telecommunication mechanism to offer Human an opportunity, a medium to get connected with them even when there was no technology, no Internet. It's Gods own "Near Field communication" and "Direct Access- Zero Monthly rental/ Free Unlimited VoIP".
I think prayer is indeed a great way to connect directly with Gods and our inner self.

Why Do I pray?
I pray for several reasons and sometimes for no reasons at all. Prayers, for me is not a ritual but micro chip embedded in my human processor or DNA. And that's the way it should be, I believe. My normal prayers are surrounded near my family and their well being. I count my parents as God' best gift to me. I pray for them first. Then I pray for close people, self and seek divine blessings to keep myself guided and capable. I have seen a big event in my life which changed the entire course of it. It didn't stray my beliefs in God but it rather sealed it more. I pray to avoid any such incidences any further. I pray that I do not lose my any limbs any further, nor do any other person and pray for general well being of all.

While our prayers and reason of praying finds a new meaning everyday, let me tell you about my prayers today.

This morning, I was sitting in my room wondering over a split milk. I was little upset on the milk man for waking me up with continuously ringing the bell. I admonished him for disturbing my early morning sleep for nothing and an unwritten calculation. He was tough in the beginning but soon he understood my stand [and in process, I understood his anxiety] and he left apologizing. I learnt though him that how people have run with the paltry sum of money leaving the poor person in financial lurch. I told him that I won't ask him to trust me or anyone without an appropriate back up. Not that I would run with his righteous amount but it was a word of advise from my own experience that trust should not be placed without a backup to avoid heart and pocket burns. This reminded me of God's element in each of us. Real God is not about singing 2 hours of devotional songs but actually lies in treating his people fair and equitable.

I Prayed to God for inculcating good beliefs in me and keep my moral values intact. I prayed that he should always lead me through goodness and light and I am not saying this to get myself some brownie points here but I believe these values determine our character and self happiness in long run. Well, that was my second reason to pray that day.

My first reason to pray was to get some sleep :). You may find it funny but I was going through emotional turbulence which continued till late hours of last night, effectively chasing away my peace of mind and sleeps. I felt lonely, helpless and let down by people who endeared most. So I prayed to God to restore my confidence back and allow me some rest. I am fighting troubled sleeps, a kinda insomnia from quite sometime, a bad prolonged nerve ache and prayed to God to help me overcome it.

Complained I cause I had no shoes until I saw a man with no leg- Thus I Pray
My third prayer came in pre-noon. I was thinking about the curdled milk and some rotten veggies, due to absence of a fridge in my house. How much I wished I own a fridge, a comfy-plonky sofa, an iPad, a DSLR, some good furniture etc. Its then someone rang the bell. I opened and found a strong bad odor. It was the poor garbage picking children who came for their regular round of picking garbage from each flat of the building. Yes, the children. The smell was indeed rotten,. I quickly told them that I don't have any garbage today and closed the door to escape from the sight of rotten garbage, I couldn't escape the bad odor even though closing the door and moving to other room.  It filled my nostril for hours and I couldn't help but think about the plight of those children who come to pick this garbage, every day and stick with it till disposal. Who knows if their house opens to a garbage dump conveniently at their poor location. I once again felt bad for being a human being. This unruly divide between "Have's and Have-nots" filled my heart with endless woes.

The trash box was indeed very smelly. It was foul and I wondered the nature of people who first employ such small children to do such a pitiful tasks and also those humans who do not know how to dispose their garbage decently, well covered. I prayed that no kids or human being should be made so inferior to perform such tasks and even if they do, thy should be allowed enough dignity in their jobs. I kept on thinking about these children, praying for their well being and in due process, slept off lying half bent on my bed, living that much wanted nap that I asked God last night.

The DIY Praying with Lakshmi Pooja Pack
Diwali is fast approaching and I can see a buzz all around. I am away from my house and new in this city. I do not want to have my Diwali spent at someone else' house. I would rather spend at my own house but how? 

I want to have a quite Diwali. Like all the years, this year too, I won't burn any fire crackers or waste money on things that makes no difference to my life.
For us, Diwali means Lakshmi Pooja. For me, Lakshmi Pooja means immense preparations.

I do not believe in following unnecessary pre conditions to offer my reverence to my God. I do believe in rituals but I prefer to do it myself than outsource to some Pandit. I am quite fascinated by doing/ following some rituals whole heartedly and gain joy in them. So when it comes to Pooja and that too for that one special day of the year, why not do it full fledgedly and that's where this Pooja Pack comes like Manna from heaven. That is the reason that this Diwali I plan to do my pooja with Lakshmi Pooja Pack and offer my Pure Prayers to my God. The Do-it-Yourself Way!

The Lakshmi Pooja Pack has all things, and all things lovely that I need to conduct Pooja myself and it makes the entire exercise a wonderful experience too. It is very handy and comes with a very attractive packaging. You name it and can forget too but it has all kinds of stuff inside. It's a kind of a unique activity. You can read the manuals and play the shlokas CD to purify your home and surroundings with divine mantras. I can't tell you the aura it creates and how special it makes the festivity. So this Diwali, I am gonna do my Pooja with Lakshmi Pooja Pack [ Stay tuned to this space for upcoming Product review of the same], How about you?
This Post aims to celebrates Divinity, Diwali and Pure Prayers with Cycle Agarbatti and their newly launched Sampoorna Pooja Pack

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I loved your post and can completely relate to it!

  2. The true spirit of the festival has been brought out in the post and so advance Happy diwali wishes and will surely keep you and all my friends on indiblogger in my prayers this time.

    1. Thanks so much Athena. I was little unsure of while writing this post but your comments boosted my confidence and I hope the "Pure Prayers" team of Cycle also like my post :)

      Happy Diwali to you! Let's not burn crackers this year.

  3. Shall I say DITTO!? ^_^

  4. Prayer is the first lesson in humility.

    1. Very true Sibi! Praying means accepting someone else existence and bowing to one ness of God. That's where humility comes in.

  5. Happy advance Diwali, and wonderful initiative to not burn any crackers. I too feel bad for these street kids, but am not sure what can be done.

    1. Thanks Prasad and Wish you too a very happy Diwali.

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  7. If I may ask, how do you pray exactly? Who do you pray to?
    Do you believe, some God created humans magically/divinely and it didn't happen through amoeba -> monkeys-> homo-sapience?
    Just curious.

  8. Beautiful article


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