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October 31, 2013 1 Comments

Prevention is indeed better than Cure. For some ailments doesn't have doctors and have not even the facility of time to heal them. I am talking about "Crime again women" which stirs up a very important concept- "Safety of Women".

Why do we always need an instance of things gone wrong to be more cautious? Why a woman has to be raped to make a nation alert about the vulnerability of it's women. Aren't enough women, girls, children are getting raped, mutilated, distressed every day, every hour to tell the county how it'd women is not safe at it's own bay?

Those wings that were clipped before their flight
I want to dedicate this post to all the small children who are off late being abducted from their homes, schools etc and are brutally raped or molested by man worse than monsters. Since everyone or say a lot of people have spoken about Nirbhaya and the truth is, today her name has become the beacon of reference for crime against women. Not diluting her case, I also want to highlight the case of that little girl who was kidnapped from her own house by her neighbor who not just brutally raped her over period of 2-3 days but brutally inserted some unprecedented things in her body. Every time I think of her case or Nirbhaya, my blood boils and my eyes are filled with helpless tears.

The little girl who has gone, too early, too soon
We often read incidences in newspaper, news and forget them too soon with a TSCH. rarely when things happened with them, people fail to realize the pain of the person who is going through all this. Accidents are fatal and sometime non preventable but murders and crimes are often planned, perpetrated and fueled by fickle mindedness of people. I have seen such incidence a little too close as well. One such incident that happened to a friend' sister when we were in school. She was one of my closest pal and I have spent a lot of time after school with her and her family. She had a very cute little sister who everyone was fond of. The girl's family was a well behaved, affable, joint family. One day her little sister went missing and on furtive search they found her dead body near a water well. Further investigations told that one of their business/family arch rivals have killed that little child out of their jealousy or some kind of revenge. We often heard such things on films and seeing them happening in reality was appalling. The girl was indeed very sweet that the most furious person, having a glance of her angelic face would forget his/her anger. Unfortunately, the killers was beyond the speechless animal.

Often kids are abducted and confined into remote places and are killed. Their folks keep on searching for them but in vain. With mobile penetration seemingly increasing largely each passing hour, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that even kids should be handled a device and wish they have something like smart suraksha with them.  If wishes were horses...

What is Smart Suraksha App
Telephony is indeed a boon of an invention to womankind! Not just it helps us to navigate through unknown places using GPRS, GPS or help us stay connected with our near and dear ones but it is also about being a home for some really cool and technically strong apps designed for specific target groups. One such app is - Smart Suraksha!

smart SURAKSHA - screenshot thumbnailsmart SURAKSHA - screenshot thumbnailsmart SURAKSHA - screenshot thumbnail

The Smart Suraksha app is an android based app that enables a women to stay and feel safe, enabling an intact safety quotient. Using this wonderfully designed app, a woman at a press of single button, can send alert message to 5 of her pre-chosen contacts fro her phone book. The most wonderful part is that it not just sends SOS alarm but also using the techmnology updates your location even if you have switched off the GPS on your phone. To know more you can click here

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I wish she/they had a smart suraksha with her/them at that time. Alas, they were not given the opportunity to chose their life.
I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

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