Suprita and I

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"Ekta Khetan, I am going to give you a tight slap. Pl do not disturb me and let me sleep".

Well that was my friend cum room mate Suprita who was few years senior to me but always behaved a lot more wild, lot more younger and lot more time khadus as she sounded in the above statement.

Well you must be wondering as what did I do to her to get a statement like that? Well nothing. In fact a noon back I was counselling her and making her feel better. It was barely few months that we moved together in that room and barely few hours from then that we stopped seeing each other eye to eye and rest all is our story, a short story.

Suprita was all thing nice, sweet except the moment it came to me. Yes, my name was good enough to enrage her and make her do things which if I see now, looks pretty silly but yes what a love without up and down and what a friendship without fights.

We realized it much later [rather she that how good a roomie I was ;)] when we changed our room mates. She left my room and moved in to next room [the room has a totem that all inhabitants get married soon] with another girl who was a good friend of both of us and off course a common gossip point between us earlier ;)

Irrespective of our differences, it was fun to be together
There were plenty of good moments that we spent together...some being shopping together, some being gossiping, some were the moments where I counselled her on relationship and happiness, some moments I sat baby face asking her to help me take decision whether to move Pune or Bangalore. Lolz the last two took pretty some time but helped us bridged a gap between us.

This midnite movie watching pic was taken on B'day, another "facial" test day
when we mixed a bowl full of fruits with honey & spent hours in front to mirror
to glow it up. #WasteofTime

When Opposite made friends
No matter how much we fought with each other, we were always around at time of each other's needs. A lot of times I felt she is quite insensitive towards me and a lot of time I felt like giving her a mouthful back but together when I see, I think each memories are unique.

Since we shared same room and our beds were adjacent to each other, We would often get up in middle of night and start chatting up. When we are not chatting, we are busy ignoring each other or busy fighting. When we do none, we sat in group and cracked joke. Ah! How sweet of us to not let the crack between us thought I will say reveal? Nah

Ok Dove and Indiblogger asked best incidence. It was one summer when we too were home alone. Spoiler alert- nothing sensational but mere "girl talk". Ok so that was onset of summer 2006. It was scorching hot in Hyderabad and we were contemplating high to whether to buy a cooler or rent it, all this while sitting at other girl's room who was away for few days and enjoying the cool air from her cooler. hee hee

It is then we realized that discussion is not leading anywhere and we may pick a fight soon...Nahhiiii. We instead picked up a latest issue of Vogue or Elle something...well now I remeber , it was "Good housekeeping" and thought of trying 'sugar scrub" to relax our chapped skin and rejuvenate it with a "natural scrub". We diligently followed the simplest instruction which spelled- mix sugar with lemon and rub it on ur cleansed skin.
Whoa! That's so simple and cheap. We soon brought a bowl of sugar and couple of lemons [U see when life throws you lemon, squeeze in sugar and make lemon-sugar scrub ;)] we halved the lemons, rinse the juice with sugar, mixed the paste and started applying generous amount of our "home made" discovery o our arms, face, neck and feet. It felt little awkward in beginning but we gave the new process and "healing is not simple" a benefit of doubt and continued with our freaky self spa for few more minutes till we ensured that none of us left a single drop of scrub in bowl and all of it copiously applied on our much deserved bodies. A few minutes later, our skin started itching, stretching and all things unpleasant, uncomfortable and we realized something is not right but to late and rushed to washrooms to wash it off on "me first, me first" basis. Thank God that day she chose to use other one and man! it took us half an hour or more to wash that thing outta our body, face. It was an experience "main na bhoolongi".

The scrub-mare [female cousin of night mare] didn't end there and I found red rashes all around my body. I looked at Suprita who admonished that thought saying I applied more than her and hence the syndrome., Well no I didn't argue either as-
1) No point arguing what went wrong until you set things right
2) I can never win with her
3) She thinks point no 2 is otherwise.

I was using a lemon based soap that time and guessed that what I needed now is a touch of calmness, cream on my skin and I chose to open my almirah and take out my special soap with 1/4 milk cream and took a bath using it.

My itching sensation was somewhat better but I was amused to find Suprita rubbing her skin furtively to cmabt the itch. It is very difficult to part with your new, expensive soap [I hardly earned that time] but I offered her t use it.  Since the advice was coming from me, it was obvious she decided to ignore but soon she gave in and agreed with using it only partially to compare the impact of it with her special celebrity "flux" soap. Your skin, your wish. What goes of my papa or uncle sam?

It took us 2-3 days to overcome that redness and itchy flakes in our skin. We told our friends, neighbor and flatmate that it was one of our outing in harsh sun did that trouble to us. The mutually agreed excuse may not have helped us much as we soon told our funny sugar scrub saga. The only good thing that happened was that Suprita gave in to my request of hiring a desert cooler for our room and I had momentary relief from heat those summer [ Oh how we fought over direction of cooler wings is a different big post altogether, lets save it for other day. If you like this post, make me win..lolz..and I will narrate it further in Dove indiblogger "Guessing game with friends" contest part 2 ;)]

Do You know that Most of Dermatologists recommend Dove for face than fancy face wash? Well we will tell you soon :)


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  1. Hahaha...These beauty tips I tell you. Someone told me once to use onion juice but I was smart enough to experiment it on my neighbor. :P

    1. Onion Juice? Hmmm it must be good but only on cuisines ;)

  2. Such a beautiful post Ekta ma'am! You have penned this one with utmost thoughtfulness.
    Best wishes for the contest :)

  3. Sugar and lemon !
    never heard such face pack. LOL
    Good that ur soap saved u :P

    1. Yup it was featured in one of the issues of that home and lifestyle mag that we fall prey to and hurt our skin :(

  4. no sugar scrub for me :D Best of luck for the contest!

    1. Never...May be you can grind it and try...coarse sugar...a strict no no.

  5. hehe .." The scrub-mare [female cousin of night mare] "..:-D..

    Nice post of luck..:-)

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  7. was fun reading your post...keep fightings..oops...i mean be happy you two..:)

    1. Thanks Vandana..yes If I look back at those days, it indeed looks funny :)

  8. What a lovely post! Enjoyed reading it.

    Best of luck for the contest.

  9. Nice....... loved it. We all have face pack horror stories to tell. Cheers ATB

    1. Thanks Renu :) yes we lll do have and continues to share the woes :(

  10. Haha seems trying out diff facial is one of the must in almost all girls regime.. i rmbr my facial days.. lol. It was even more messy.. lively post Ekta. All the best :)

    1. True that Meera. Facials are relaxing yet quite messy.. It reminds me that I need one now..My head is splitting in pain :( Take care.

  11. Hearty Congratulations on your win :) Loved this post. Cheers.

  12. Hearty Congratulations on your win :) Loved this post. Cheers.


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