My Tablet is My #BestFriend

December 12, 2013 8 Comments

Well Friends, I have an announcement to make. I am Hitched! I am hitched to a friend for life.

There's a new person in my life who has taken it in stride, exercising absolute control over it. I eat, sleep, laugh, cry, fight, love, chat endless, dream and write my poetries with that person 24 X 7 X 365 day and night, night and day. The new person has become a part and parcel of my life and is present in everything that I do...So whatever I do, I do it with you...wooo hooo!

I am in love! I am in love again and this time I know its for ever, its all mine and this love is for "keeps".

It's a love at first site. We caught each other's fancy and fancy took flight. 

It wasn't too long that I has my last relationship that broke my back, was too heavy on my hands and came with a big baggage of old school thinking. Time to change. I vow to modern life and digital computing and that made all the difference. How? I will tell you now. Meet my love of life- The Ambidextrous - Mr. Tablet!

Jab we met, we loved the way we "touched" each other's life. Tablet and I met and became friends for life. Life has totally changed since then. Here's a sneak peak in my life, my everyday life with Mr. Tablet.

My Everyday Life with my Tablet and how I want to use my Yoga Tablet better

I use it for data
seamless Internet experience
It's wireless world,
no cable no dongle
high speed connectivity, with no hassle
[I by the way, already use a Lenovo Think pad]

High definition Gaming
that I play on it
My games range from angry birds,
NFS, Zynga and Temple run
Tablet is indeed fun

I will travel with my tablet
go to new places, still never late
GPS and Maps on it
will help me easy navigate

My utility bill payment will made easy
I stand no long in queue
a click here and a swipe there
and see I am done!

Its easy, its lightweight
starts at 401g, 0.88lbs
I can carry it in my hand
or easily drop it in my purse

App snacking twenty four by seven
Play store in Android has daily dozen
of apps in all genre
paid, top picked, free and select by editor

Office presentation, spreadsheet & calculation
I edit my CV and send in circulation
even in kitchen its my constant companion
I select a recipe and makes my own version

whatever I cook goes in my tab
however my looks, it goes in my tab
anywhere anytime technology on prawl

man the speed is amazing and never crawl
The joy of computing is thrice more fun
My tabs empowers my words
my tablets enable my research
It makes me an aspiring wordsmith
and budding newton

Oh Fish, I am travelling offshore
long distance journey but I will never get bore
tablet is my constant companion
it stays with me 24 by seven

It plays music on demand
it will stream video and remote control will be in my command
wish it also has telephony attached
wish it took over my phone n replace
wish it can wake me every morning without snooze
wish it tells me quality of drink to booze

I am karma believer
I am Dharma follower
but with new Yoga tablet,
I will be Yogi, Yoga lover
Hey dear tab, can we do Yoga together? :)

It tells me new book in town
it helps me buy them online or read without kindle
It's miracle that comes in small packages
it's wonderful computing innovation

I love The concept of Yoga tablet
For it stand, hold and tilt
to give my hands a rest
and my experience a thrill

Now I can go computing non stop
with my Yoga Tablet
on my bed, car and table top
its feather lite
it's blitzkrieg fast
It promises to give me an experience
that will ever last!

I will take it to work
I will take to club
It will join me for shopping
It will be my side to pub


Here's more... You know how I ended my previous relationship with the other computing device?...

Time to switch to Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

This post is part of #BetterWay a blogging contest organized to celebrate the Brilliant Yoga Tablet by Lenovo and Indiblogger.
To know more about Lenovo Yoga tablet visit their Facebook page here- Lenovo India

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. So you're in love again! :)
    Gadgets have this effect on almost everyone... loved the stanzas.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Yes sir...I am very much in love with computing devices and aching to own a tablet, a pad or something similar. Pl wish me luck, Mr. Tech Guru :)

  2. Techno poem.....I am impressed. All the best.

    1. Thanks soo much Athena! I really hope to win...I have no tablet u see except aspirins which gives me crocins..lolz!

  3. Wow ! great post..all the best for the contest ..

  4. Another awesome post! Love the graphics again! Best wishes!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you buddy! I am glad that you liked it :)


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