Making my first P.A.S.S.

December 05, 2013 37 Comments

I lived my life admiring my looks
I am the best
in all the nooks
My stubble is sexy
and drove the women crazy
like never before

I show them off
with much grace
I let them grew all over my face
it is so masculine you see
what I am talking

They are for real
and not fake
touch it babe
trimming? is not my cake
come my dear lady, lets have a walk together!

Now times have changed
and I am in pain
my stubble lost its charm
and smell has taken rein
No women is going to make a
PASS at me again :(

They find my stubble
sad and smelly
"Its unhygienic"
told my neighborhood Lilly
She refused my invite
and took Tom for the Prom night

I am women' object of affection
and could not take this rejection
Time to shave it off
I told me silly!
Took a razor in my hand
and peeled the thorn
all that bushes that
were homegrown

Gone my stubble
gone the smell
Women left PASS
and made pass at me again
My clean shaven look has
bowled them over
all over me again!
I want to fly!

Before women change their mind
Men you need to grow
Shave off ur stubble
and make her kow tow
Its worth every effort
I must tell you

So if you like my stubble song
don't grumble just sing along
da da daaa..
Ding Dong!

[So you loved Vodafone' new jingle- "I guess my life is an open book". No copies here. Just remember the tune and try to read this verse in same tone. It helps and its fun!]

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I tag my friend Sriram Ramaswamy, Quill & Quiver & Sarav here

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  1. That's a lovely song
    da da daa
    ding dong!


    Arvind Passey

    1. Awww...thats so sweet of you! Thank u soo much!

  2. Arre waah! Wonderful song! :-)

  3. Hey..lovely song.. :-D

  4. hahaha....funny and cute...i should make my husband read this :p

  5. O'Jeeez! It seems the song you wrote is all about me. But I object, that the thorns women want to be taken off before they come closer...

    I have all those dense jungle of thorns, in brown color; a fresh and glowing face, intense brown eyes and i am blessed with a killer smile.

    In gathering, they come closer to me with a "chalo dikhai to diye" comes, "arey shabab, its good to see u here, yeh lo tumhari Red Wine"...

    I mean they just love my thorny jungle, and find it sexy... And, moveover my wife says that srk in Chak De India looks lyk me.

    1. Haha lolz...Yes might look good on certain people but as a woman I think we always prefer clean stubble even if we do not come close enough :)

  6. Hi Ekta,

    I have accepted your tag and tagged you here. I hope and believe that you will acknowledge it soon.

    Someone is Special

    1. Hi Sarav you have to add it in their form as well..let me see if I can do..

    2. You have to add those who accepted your tag :) When you accept I will add :) I hope you will accept soon :)

    3. Sure..will do so..if possible, pl leave me a link here :)

  7. What a lovely song!!

  8. Ya that voda ad is very good. Sure your poem would be fn as lyrics

    1. Thanks Ritesh!

      It's mere a notion, not that it is completely -direct proportionate to it. Enjoy!

  9. Lovely poem Ekta!
    To start with I have tagged you in my post and hope you would respond to my tag :)
    Link : Smelly Stubble

    1. Hey Uma..Thanks for the tag.. I am unable to write anything now..will do so soon! :)

  10. Hey...super. loved it :)

  11. peepy song :) loved it !

    I have tagged you in my first post for PASS here

    looking forward to your response :)

    1. Thanks Anmol! Are the results out?

  12. nice sweet song.i am too glad to read here

  13. hai ekta i like your quotation Sometime you wander, sometime you are lost, Sometime you discover. I just write here!

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