Wrapped in Love

December 23, 2013 8 Comments

Friends are like gifts that comes in different color paper, each has its own packaging, sparkle, weight and worth in your life. Each you discover more when you unfold. But the least you can be assured of- there's a surprise, a joy in every packet and yes, "har ek friend zaroori hota hai" [all friends are important]

I was the only girl child of my parents who had lost their first daughter few hours immediately post delivery. Indeed leaving a big void in their lives and definitely bigger in mine. That is perhaps the reason I looked for a sister in every girl that I met. However, I made fewer friends in girls ever.

I did my schooling at my maternal grandparent's place and spent my childhood there [almost]. I had quite some friends there and very importantly, different set of friends. My circle was largely divided in- School friends and family/ non school friends. 

One such friend was Twinkle. 

Twinkle and I were quite a different persons. We studied in same school but different mediums. Our houses were not too far from each other but there was a sea of difference in way we lived. Neither was more affluent nor better. We two celebrated our differences, our unique-ness together. We had many friends between us but our friendship was most sturdy, unspoken yet unbroken.

We loved doing new things and were well supported by one elder male member in our family who understood our bond and let us loose. Whether it was playing hopscotch for hours, cit chatting, exchanging comics and what not. 

Our best passtime was playing- kitchen-kitchen and dressing up our dolls. It may sound silly but gosh it was soo fun. We would often bring our respective kitchen sets, mix and divide equally and set them in a kitchen pattern. While Twinkle was sweet, humble girl, my motto was to own up every fancy kitchen set available in my reach and that made us one of the largest kitchen utensil/ goodies holder in our vicinity. I had all types of dolls available in world and she had different styling ideas. We would often go pillars to post to arrange for those accessories, new fabric, knick knacks for our dolls. The trend continued for a long till she she grew out of dolls and I began even more introverted.

Our next fascination was jumping from 3rd floor at the under construction building in our neighbourhood [more precisely at another friend's house where we would often go to play hopscotch and Twinkle will be my kind partner in arms who would chose to accept a "kachcha khiladi" like me as a partner and risk her game for me who would look at her like a lamb does to Mary].

Yes, I rightly said jumping off from 3rd floor under construction building. 

I was an adventure freak and use to climb the oof top of our big oil mill away from prying eyes of my grandfather inspite of his rpeated warnings. The mill act was old and this new one was my latest fad. A friend of ours was having a new house constructed next to their existing house. The house I guess would be 5 floor or 3 floor high. It was road facing and had open balcony, beneath which there would be heaps of sand lying to aid construction. we would often take stairs to the 3rd floor and reach the open balcony and jump from there on the sands...all this while it was sunny day time. Couple of other friend tried to do this but soon shied away but Twinkle and I continued till last day and last warnings pe warnings.

Things we do- From dolls to hopscotch to the Embroidery, paintings, shopping and much more
We were indeed growing up and when I was not playing with my neighborhood group, I would be playing with my school group. I suddenly lost touch with twinkle and one day thought of giving her surprise by visiting her house. To my surprise I found her sitting and doing some embroidery. I was bored ad was fascinated with her design and soon requested her to come home with her stuff so that my nani too can see it and help me learn one. She sportingly agreed and came home with me. My Nani being maestro, understood the concept, took her design and soon I got my own embroidery project to learn and demonstrate.

We did many things together. She had vivid interest which were different from my comic loving, game frenzy, adventure snacking, bycycle riding self and she helped me all of them. I met her after many years post my accident but her behavior towards me never changed. She was highly accommodating and helpful. She never betrayed me no left me for other friends. She went out of her way to search for and gift me audio cassette of my favorite film that was sold out, just cause I once lightly told her that I wanted to hear that movie's songs and how much I wish to buy one.

I truly miss you Twinkle. You were simple and grounded. My feelings for you are still same or rather grown fonder. Yu were indeed one of my best Female friend while growing up. I ams till in awe of your fair, soft skin and you looked non the less than Snow white to me. Here's my little song for her-

God gives us relations but friends are something we chose
meeting them is destiny but bonding is luxuries
Let's make friends and build new memories
Life is easy with best friend around
there is much action, light, camera & sound

endless gossips, chit chat and fun
leg pulling, joke cracking, pun on pun

I am not in touch with Twinkle anymore but I hope that she should be fine wherever she is.
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The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Beautifully Written and Graphics are awesome !!

    "..and I began even more introverted." .. Hmm!! :)

  2. kitchen kitchen was my favourite timepass too :P
    all the best Ekta :)

    1. Heehee all girls thinks alike...Thanks Aayesha :)

  3. I had quite a collection of the toy kitchen, infact I have kept most of it locked up in a box still. Childhood games were all about just having fun. Loved the caricatures Ekta :)

    1. Wow Reshma..I too had! I had this fascination to collect all kinds of toys from regular to barbie and all...dunno where they are as my parents donated them to people :(
      I was really attached to those toys, they use to invoke a certain happiness in me incl nostalgia. :)

  4. Lovely post Ekta! Get in touch with Twinkle and send her this post link, am sure she will love to read this! :)

    1. Thanks Ragini..I really have lost touch with her...but I hope she will be happy wherever she is...Such was her nature..she was an absolute lovable person.


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