"The Lemon King" of Bacardi Breezer

December 03, 2013 2 Comments

Once upon a long time, there was a jungle. The jungle was filled with fruits dime a dozen.
The only king of the jungle was, the evergreen Lemon.

One day a Mister came
Breeze flew high and jungle was never the same
The took the king and made him immortal

The king of fruits of all the season, he was king for a simple reason
A humble fruit with juice in every corner
He teamed with water and quenched the thirst
he goes with all cuisine and is a must
you peel it off and still it is a wonder.
It adds the taste, it adds the flavor
it mix with food and makes it better
It is a wonderful to drink anytime.

The mister was glad on his find and so went to meet the king kind. 
Let me take your goodness to world all over
you make a great king and you will make a great flavor
let me make you immortal, let me guard you in my bottle

The kind lime just agreed and vow to the benefit of mankind and womankind. It agreed to be the Bacardi Bottler's find and they joined hand to create a flavor that will take world by storm.

Today if you go to any place, Lime is first flavor to find and indeed the last flavor to be left behind. Yeah! Lime is the king of all flavors. It sooth your eyes, abundantly find, it touches your heart and quench your thirst. It is lime all the way! Hence lime is my favorite Breezer flavor.
Why lime?
Well I have explained a lot of reasoning above and still if it doesn't quench your thirst, let me suggest, pick up a bottle of breezer lime and tell it for yourself! The furit gives it all to bring that flavor- from it's peel to rind to juice to pulp...Ummm its a burst of taste! That explodes on my tongue! And brings celebration!!!

The tangy fresh taste of lime just dwells deep in my mouth. It has therapeutic properties, soothing taste and the best pat is that you can mix it with anything and make a great yet simple concoction. My favorite is- Mix lime with Bacardi White Rum, few ice and mint and you are good to go. 

A Lime a day, keep your blues away!
Lime is one fruit you can always have and it has immense benefits. No I am not saying that you drink alcohol for benefit. besides,Breezer has bare minimum alcohol that even teenagers can go for. I always prefer a bottle of breezer over any cola a day. It's a classy!

Lemon and breezer made love to each other and gave me this everlasting flavor. Three cheers to Bacardi Breezer Lime
Hic, Hic, Huraaaaaah!
This post is written for Breezer India and Indiblogger'c contest on flavors Bacardi Breezers. It was a tough choice to chose one flavor amid all the lovely flavors of Bacardi, I guess I will always go with first love of my life- Lime. A flavor that is fresh yet mature in its taste!

Passion is mere fashion
Lime is eternal elation!
Pineapple always pine
while lime makes a fine dine
Lime is an icing topped with Cherry
its better than blackberry or cranberry
I remember the words of my gran
Lime is gold, lime is gem
Orange is mere juice
oops we from same family hence Truce!
If you truly want to cherish your Bacardi Breezer
Go pick up the lime flavor!

Lime is fun, lime is jest
Lime is better than the rest!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


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