Stir Your Souls Says Poonam Khanduja - Blog Review

December 25, 2013 14 Comments

Tic Toc tic Toc...The time is fast ticking. Tired, sleepless, restless me still couldn't stop reading. Was it love or another contest by dove? well none..It was Poonam Khanduja and her beautiful writing that got me hooked on to post after post after post.

Poonam Khanduja blogs at

Phew! A look at her right side bar and you will see how correct you are and indeed she is a reigning queen of blogging. The right side space is filled with her blog accomplishment among many other things including a hidden Google Friends Connect tab.

Poonam is a versatile writer who doesn't believe in talking much about herself. The autumn-Spring maple leaf backdrop as her blog background transports me into a different era. Do not be surprised by seeing so many posts on protest against smelly stubble on her first page as each one of them is a unique take on why men should not have a stubble that stinks and looks hygiene but has quite a subtle humor wrapped in it.

There's a big sportsperson in Poonam who loves taking blogging challenges and not just that a lot of which she had won as well. She is an active Indiblogger and Blogadda Blogger like a lot of us and brings her own unique takes on subject matter.

I loved the simplicity of her of blog, her flowing/smooth writing and above all the fact that she is quite an active blogger who feels the power of writing is more important and foremost than mere embellishing half baked contents with embellishments. The only thing I would recommend her would be to make her "content" part a little more opaque to prevent any distraction [conflict of interest] with her bright background.

Tell you folks, open her blog and like me, you too will be unstoppable post after post and hooked on to her simple, clear and transparent writing. Seeing is believeing and since today is Christmas, I would say- The proof of pudding is in eating. Go ahead and check out and you be your best judge :)
Thanks Indiblogeshwari for this Secret Blog Elves opportunity:)

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  1. loved the review Ekta...wonderful job elf...I'm sure the mutual hatered towards the stubble made your work job very easy :)

  2. Amazing review of an equally amazing blog.
    Nicely written, Ekta.

  3. Nice review.. Its good when someone receives a feedback of his/her blog so that he may improve the shortcomings..

  4. Thanks so much, Ekta for an encouraging and humbling review.
    Am honored! :)

  5. Even I love Poonam's Blog, Ekta! She is very creative. Poonam has some great poems & Stubble Posts too.

    BTW, Have you seen my response to your PASS/PAUS Tag? I have already responded to your tag two weeks ago on Dec 13th! Do check your R.Rajkumar Post!
    Looking forward to your response to my tag soon!
    Do acknowledge in my Blog.

  6. Wonderful review! Even I love her blog!

  7. One more blog to check out...nice review Ekta.

  8. Beautifully Written and speaks volumes of your own efforts in putting up content for people. ( such a detailed analysis..too good)

  9. nice review.. I agree poonam's blog deserve this complement very much.. kudos to both of you :)

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  11. Nice review.. Its good when someone receives a feedback of his/her blog so that he may improve the shortcomings..Thanks for share and nice article..., great post..

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