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Bloggers Event- Banking with #JIFI

April 02, 2014 6 Comments

3 cities, More than 600 bloggers, Sunday afternoon and a Bank!

Yes a heard me right. Indiblogger in association with Kotak Mahindra hosted an exclusive launch party of banking in age of #WiFi i.e. #JIFI. and #JiFiIsHere

What is #JiFi? 

Well you need a bank account but cannot maintain minimum balance...#JiFiIsHere

You are a zero account balance customer yet you want some benefits of banking at door step? #JiFiIsHere
You have many friends on facebook

So you want open an account at ease of your home in 3 single clicks? #JiFiIsHere
So you are on facebook with 300+ friends and an active twitter account? #JiFiIsHere

#JiFiIsHere if you wanna do simplified banking at the ease of your mouse click or tablet.

Believe in no Tantra, Just know this Mantra- #JiFiIsHere

#JiFi is an abridged version of jiffy. The very word that sums up what the product is all about.

Target Group- Mostly youngsters and first time salaried youth, housewives [who love to shop], social networking Dudes and Dudettes...yeah after all- Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!

So on 23rd March, all the tables were set at Cafe Zoe- Lower Parel. The agenda read-

 Item- Time
1.Registration / Cocktail hour 12:00 PM
2.In the beginning 13:00 PM
3.Guess the guest 13:20 PM
4.#JifiIsHere 13:30 PM
5.Q/A 14:05 PM
6. IndiNetworking 14:30 PM
7. Lunch 14:45 PM
8.Head home & keep blogging15:45 PM

As suaul, I reached the venue a little too late when a little cafe, tucked away at the corner of Mathuradas mills compound, was bustling with enthusiast bloggers and "cocktail" lovers, all alike. Oops "Housefull", the cafe was.

I entered with my friend and thankfully the cafe offered us Valet parking [that probably saved our 2 minutes and which in turn helped us grab last 2 vacant seat visible/available to us]

Damn I missed the cocktail portion! I said as I took my seat just near the bar ;)

Along came the ever spirited emcee and our friend host for all IB events- Anup! Who sailed the souls high and post some yay-yay-ing we all settled back to our seats. I could see lot of blog groups being formed and sitting likewise. Thankfully none of them expected me to show my loyalties to them and we all got along well, and alike.

In short, the event was one of the very different ones that I had witessed with IB. My first IB- Free Booze type [as if I cared to separate my juice from my drink...lolz I like them on the rocks! Neat...yay yay I meant juices :)]

#Bar Bar Dekho

Apart from the product, off course, the biggest hit was the "bar" at Cafe Joe where rarest of rare I get to meet a "Jain Bartender" who happily served the "non drinking" me a nice guava concoction and a tumbler of diet coke [which was later whisked away from table as I went to fix an unknown blogger girl with another unknown blogger guy- strictly on their request ;)]

Bloggers flooded the bar and went around looking for Veg food. It was the time when Anup introduced "Surprise Guest" who was none other than "Chetan bhagat" the man highly responsible for inspiring and uplifting Indian writers in India [off course]. Yeah, I still have his "bodyshop" write up hangover on me and I have also blogged about him long long back here-

Post Q&A wherein we get questions flooded in from twitter and live audience, we break for lunch. Aha! Finally I will get something to eat now, I quipped under my breath, off course over riding with my jealousy over people who were enjoying their drink..Gulp!

Aah! the non-veg looked tempting and I was more than happy when my secret wish for not getting "mashed potatoes" in name of veg food was answered in form of delicious beetroot risotto which, sigh again was whisked away from my table as I went to click the author's picture with my friend.

Here's few glimpses from the event-

And yes before I depart, here's one [it has got message- the social one you see]

NumeroUnity Trivia post #JiFiIsHere...
Santa- Yaar my tailor ran away with my precious suit material
Banta- Yaar ..same here... He ran away with my measurements.

NumeroUnity- Wow someone is clicking amazing pics...BTW whose camera was it? Absconding.

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  1. Oh I missed the event. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cocktail hour at noon? Interesting.

  3. Looks like you had a fun event!

  4. I could do an event like that- looks fun and there are cocktails! :)

  5. Nice that you guys got the chance to meet the author but we got more time to enjoy our foods and drinks ;) :P

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