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April 26, 2014 5 Comments

Precisely, my point. I wonder how easily and conveniently people use the cuss words. For some, it has become a way of life. Life yeah. Life is "bitch" for them. Life ki M.. B..ho gayi types. I often get to meet serious offenders or let me rather say serial offenders who thinks that cuss words is truly a way of life. From A, B to CHU, there is no stopping. Some are of the types whose morning will start with a cuss word- B..CT, subah ho gayi...Untill they don't brush their teeth with a dozen full of expletives, their day will not progress. These are the varieties who speak foul language like sugar in buttermilk. Some of them would not stop even post sleeping. Even in their dreams, they will be often heard conversing in gully gallis. 

There is an idiom in Hindi that says- "Kharboje ko dekh Kharbooja rang badalta hai", loosely translated as- seeing a melon, another melon changes it's color or rather- bird of same feather, flock together. Such is the spell of cuss word that often it hypnotizes the peer group aka near group in it's magical caste who carry forward the legacy of illegitimacy AKA Slang words.

Being in product management and marketing, I wasn't left untouched with this syndrome. Oh no..no..I did not used the cuss words ever [loudly at least] but was exposed to a larger followers of this foul language tyranny.  I was often surrounded by the Sales teams and distribution managers who would use the cuss words like it came as bonus with their breaths, mind you every single breath. 

If you recall, years back a movie featuring a different legend of his league- Shatrughan Sinha and Amol Palekar starring in a film where the former would often start and end his sentences with "Saala, Ghochu", a cuss word that the effervescent actor had glorified with sheer power of his acting and super on screen presence.

Well he was Shatrughan Sinha then and the common man now, who uses slang n cuss words as mellifluously as second skin or second nature as if those words are some sacred chanting that will solve all problems and set things right. The point is when few years back, a la Shahid kapoor confessed in Vishal's Kamine that he calls F ko F, an entire nation bow to the chocolaty hero's Tarantino alike machination and adopted his F ko F with great F for fervor and F for Frenzy. 

What the F if you say "F ko F", asked the besotted crowd.  While some silently murmured few more, new more cuss words under their breath, some laughed it off. And then came Gangs of Wasseypur who gave the WTF Frenzy nation few more laurels to show off. "Keh ke Lunga" became a rage till the public got a new reason, a new meaning or a whole together a new "slang". 

Do I use a slang? Well no. That is not the point. The point however is, Can I use a slang or do I know slangs words? Answer is "bhar-bhar ke" Yes. Probably my range would be little higher than a lot of veterans in this arena. The fact remains is that I chose not to use them unless provoked really badly post watching a slang-legendary film :D

Do you use a slang? If yes, what is your favorite one. Not that I am promoting the foul language here. I am just trying to understand or rather see if there are more like minded people who despite of knowing this arts, like me, still do not care to use. it. Also what was your moment of weakness wherein in spite of your hard desire, you could not have controlled the slang-sober self and displayed public demo of Annihilation.  Or whatever is your opinion about the same. Do share.


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  1. I have a divided opinion on this topic.I do use cusswords limited to screwed, fucked up, ahole, biaaatch(in a friendly, girly way), but I draw a line at the mc, bc gaalis. They are strict no for me. Even the above mentioned ones I use only when I'm with the people who can take it. Some of my friends can't so I control near them. It's not hard. I don't do it under anyone's influence, I just do it because I want to. Like Calvin says, Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words

    Here from Writers Lounge group :-)

  2. Hi, I am also one of those people who don't like slang or foul language though my close friends use it like a normal way of talking. as you rightly pointed out, movies inspire a lot and be it male or female, using such kind of words is like "cool". som says it is an easy way to express any kind of frustration and anger and some others think it is a part of metro life style.

  3. I used to swear but then I grew up and what used be second nature stopped. With kids of my own it's not an example I'd like to set. Plus even when I used to swear in the company of my friends, we never swore in public, which seems to be the norm these days. It seems to me if you don't use that language you are almost not considered 'modern' or 'hip'. I don't understand why it makes it way into Facebook posts as an example of showing 'with it' you are.
    While I am not a prude who thinks that swearing should be forever censored. If you hit your thumb with a hammer you should be allowed to vent :-) but I also think that people fall into the easy trap of overusing crude language as a part of everyday conversation.

  4. Hi.. I must confess.. I use the swear words and yes regularly. However the control that I do impose and have always managed is that it is mainly at work (possibly surprising), and never at home or when among relatives. Never!! Not sure why, but at work it simply seems to be a natural flow that is part and parcel of life. More so in the environment where I work, the swear words are absolutely normal and even many managers do not take offense when they hear people use it. Of course, it does matter in what context it is used... The one good thing I must say, is that it is never on a person. It is always on a process, a method, which could be F**d up, S**d up and could be heading all the F***g way South.. Men and women both.. .. It is very simple.. A way of life, if you like it, fair, if you dont like it, fair.

  5. I agree with this post and never use any of these words...It gives me a sense of feeling good...


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