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April 02, 2014 20 Comments

Little Diana was playing at beach. She was trying to build her own sand castle. Her little hands were soiled with sand and water. It was her first ride to a sea beach and she was more than excited, inquisitive and uproar. A look around her and you will see a tiny mount of sand, trying to rise in shape of a small conical castle, her plastic tools that she was gifted this morning and a small pail of water lying nearby the plastic shovel. She had bought some colored papers, ribbons etc from home to decorate her sand castle but somehow she was not able to pull it up. Nevertheless, she did not give up and continued building the mount by sand.

She loved the beach and the vast sea around. The blue color of the sea, fading into pale blue, red color of sky fascinated her. She was studying in a kindergarten and barely know much about the colors and shades.  All she knew was- Blue, white, pink, red and green. She was inquisitive. She was learning.

Suddenly a big splash of tide came and washed away her little-in the offing sand castle. This broke her little heart. Only till she spotted few conch shells that the tide left back on shore and began to wonder.

Curiously, she asked her mother what are they? and from where did they come from? her mother amused at her innocent query, made the little one sit on her lap and explained her about sea, shells and life within, in the best possible manner the child could understand. Diana rose up from her mother's lap and started drawing on the sand. Seeing a canvas as big as this, got her excited. She asked her papa if she can draw anywhere she wants. Pat came reply- anywhere, she wants.

Intrigued by her mother's explanation, little Diana wanted to go underwater and see the fishes swimming. She has seen sun setting down in the sea and thought that it goes down under the water. She wanted to know where the sun goes and if she can go and meet him there. How big it would be mumma? She would ask. Her questions were interesting and signified the immense curiosity that the child has marvel through her two little twinkling eyes to her small mind inside. The more she learnt, the more she was mesmerized.

Seeing her new found knowledge about the sea and curiosity to know more about it, her father immediately booked a small boat and they went sailing in the sea. He took her to the part where there was clear water and she can spot fishes, crabs et all. She saw a seagull flying and clapped her hands with joy. She cannot wait to go back to beach and build a new castle. This time with conch shells and more. 

By the end of her brief picnic to beach, she was so fascinated by the deep, blue sea that she insisted to take the sea and beach to her home. "Somewhere near the garden window" she quipped when her mother asked as in where would she keep the huge sea within their little house. They did not wanted to break her heart. Her father went out for few minutes and bought a glass fish bowl from the nearby market. He took the bowl and dipped it inside water, collected enough water in it and brought it to Diana. "Here we go. Now we can carry this sea at home" he smiled. Little Diana, too excited with the prospect, dropped few of the sea shells in the bowl and a handful of sand inside it and chirrped- It looks like a sea. But where are the fish? mumma. Her mumma promised her that the fish would soon come around, swimming in her sea too. She then took a visibly happy yet impatient Diana to her car and drove home.

On her way to home, Diana spotted different color fishes on the hoardings and kept on asking if that color fish will come to her home sea. Her amused parents assured her that it is a mystery and best unfolded when she wakes up next morning

Next morning, when little Diana got up, she rushed to her fish bowl to see if that has attracted any fish so far. Her joy found no bound when she saw two fishes- a golden and a blue colored fish, swimming in the bowl. She called out for her mother to show her the fishes. Mumma was delighted. Her mother smiled at her daughter's innocence and hid away the plastic bag in which she bought the two tiny fish from the nearby pet store early that morning, while Diana was sleeping.

Diana soon vanished i her room and came back with sea shells that she collected from the sea last evening. She immersed those sea shells in the fish bowl to have those fish play with them. She also fed them with Fish food that her mother gave to her. While feeding the food, Diana was amused by their small mouths and the bubbles they create in the water.

My daughter is exploring the best thing about this world- The natural beauty and resources. Let her soak in that revelation, let her learn, let her be friends with nature. She thought.

"Where are we going next weekend" she asked her husband.

"May be the crocodile park or bird sanctuary. whatever you suggest" he said.

"Oh no, I am not ready yet to pet a crocodile. Let us rather go to bird sanctuary". The mother retorted and found herself bursting in laughter with her husband.

"What is bird San..san..ry mamma" Diana asked innocently. Mamma released a wink and said.. "I will tell you but before that, here's is your favorite sandwich with yummy Kissan Ketchup that you need to finish eating first.

"wow Kissan catch-up. I really love it" quipped the little Diana as she jumped on dining table biting her favorite open sandwich with loads of sauce, yummlicious 100% real sauce straightway from Kissanpur.

The little Diana grew up to a fine young woman- yours truly and this was a true account with off course small aberration. 

Little Diana loved ketchup and jams. Her favorite brand is Kissan. Her mother told her that Kissan means- a farmer. To know more about this 100% real famer of Diana's delicacy, pl do visit www.kissan.in

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Nice one. Wish Diana all the best. If possible, visit mine and let me know your thoughts :-). That will be appreciated.

    1. Thanks Jayanta...will definitely do that!

  2. Very rightly said... nature's universe in a glass bowl! This relationship with nature can begin in myriad ways... and this is such a nice way.

    Arvind Passey


    1. Thank you Mr Passey. Appreciation from a respected and thoughtful writer like you, means a lot to me .


  4. The little girl seems to have grown up into a very fine lady indeed, a beautiful post here. :-)

    All the best!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. That's really sweet of you. God bless. :)

  5. Diana is soo cute and such an innocent child growing into a fine lady full of love. I do chat with her sometimes and she is soo warm, a loving heart that makes us smile. She will go places and the sky is the limit:)

  6. Very aptly picturized the child in nature. Supe.

  7. Enjoyed reading it Ekta. I loved the way you characterised little diana. Simply beautiful. And I am love with the parents she has. Such an encouraging and lovable parents. Beautiful fun filled story.

    To my concern, it also conveys a message to every parents out here. Good one!


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