#WoW #TumkoDekha

#TumkoDekha is a Hindi expression, loosely translated as- "seeing you".
Frankly speaking, off late, seeing and knowing many things are remote from pleasure and borders

Here's few #TumKoDekha AKA #SeeingYou #QFunk #SFunk that came on top of mind as I recall.

#TumKoDekha so this occurred to me...
Zindagi pyaar ki chaon, tum kaali dhoop
Life is beautiful, but rapist men, u r kurup [ugly in Hindi]

#TumKoDekha so it dawned upon
why do I vote or lack of it?
you politicians really believe in reform or just bark the "jargon" for the heck of it?

#TumKoDekha and I realized...
Why women are scared to born but prefer to die
rather than live in your ugly society, with strangulated breaths, sorry to survive.

#TumKoDekha and it made me wonder
Is this so called democracy, is actually a blunder?
Who chose you? Who made your minister?

#TumKoDekha and felt upright
Women why a lot of you become fellow women's plight?
Light up your mind, ignite and work on your doing "Rights" over your "Wrongs"

#TumKoDekha so I felt ashamed
We scaled the moon but left our offenders untamed
Politicians like you, are blotch on this nations's name

The nation of Vishnu, the nation of Brahma
The nation of Saraswati, the nation of Durga

You praise her as idol, but rape the real women
plunder her soul, mutilate her shame

You think Rape is always a women' fault.
Will you say the same if your own mother, sisters, wife, daughters were assault?

#Boys Will Be #Boys, they commit a mistake
and women who is victim, is always a fake?

"Hang them to death" punish their offense
"It is her fault", "It is her fault" is always your defense?

Hey Men Spare that
Nature is a mother
prevents, cautions and
destroys too if it nurtures

You are someone's son, you will be someone's father
Will you say the same, if that comes to your daughter?

Imagine that five year old sweetheart who was a victim
Do u really think that her skirt was too inviting?

Think about that Old lady, who is someone's mother
To her battered agony, would you add further?

Somewhere I am glad, that you said that
Cause how else would we have known the True you, if you not had

#Politics is not about #Power
#Politics is not just #GameOfThrone

#Politics is administering the nation
#Politics is also justice and Reform!

O Men, Spare that.
Cause #TumKoDekha to yeh khayal aaya
Tum jaiso ko apna "Neta" Kisne  aur kyu banaya?

#JagoRe & #VorteForChange!


#TumkoDekha toh yeh khyal aaya
Chaare [fodder] se lekar, Hawala, tumne sab Khaya
Spare the nation now at least!
Corrupt, viacrious Politician,
you are a "man eating man" beast!


Theme "TumkoDekha" and objective- to express angst/opinion on politicians who thinks 100% rapes are women's fault and hence, do nothing to prevent the crime but adds fuel to the fire. The fire of agony, trauma, shame and mutilated desire. The desire to live one' own life in a so called #Free Nation. Where shopkeepers gives a commodity "one pe one" free but a right to live is not freely available. Shame on you society! Shame on you people. Also, shame on you so called women who fake the rape and make it a stock of laughter. A handful of you so called "free spirit", false case registering women, makes the plight of all other genuine victims even more traumatic. Shame on the doctors and law makers who make mockery of genuine cases and weaken the roots of justice and law. O India, wake up and fight against! #TimeToChange!
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