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So, here I have written about one of my favorite colors, mind you, one of my fav colors yellow. Is it your fav color too? Ies yes, do let me know if tere is a particular dress, accessory or piece of furnishing that you like done in Yellow or is it in general.

And oops, if yellow is not your color, what it is then? Do share your favorite color and keep reading numerounity. You can also visit my blog on Fashion, Food and Lifestyle at

This snap card Haiku is created for A to Z Challenge, in response to Alphabet of the day- Y.

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  1. Yellow is one of my favorite colors too !

  2. Yes, it is one of my fav colors too.

  3. wow lovely not yellow..but orange :-)

  4. Like white and black, also red. But, Yellow is lovely and wouldn't mind it, Ekta. M visiting u post longish:)

  5. My favourite is white. But yellow defeinitely is a color that gives joyful ambience.

  6. Blue, black and yellow are my favorites too.

  7. I like yellow. It's sunny and friendly.

    But nothing beats light green. I'd go for anything in that color. :D

    Do stop by my latest post too... :)


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