Couch Potatoes

April 27, 2014 8 Comments

Gone is the age,
breaking all stereotype
When couch was a lazy syndrome
and potatoes referred only to gastronomical delight.

The new age belongs to them
who walks fast
in pace with technology
embracing science is the new game

Every dog has its day
I have chased that idiom away
to emerge as my own archetype.

I am master of my den
learning metaphysics and
loving IOS over android
I am no Tom, hunter or Sherry
I love my books and go merry
and admire the art of Zen.

I ain't no couch potatoes
I am the new thinker
I waste no bark but I hark
all that book I read
I waste no bite but feast on byte
and do all "Data Snacking" that I need.

I am master of my Den.
Do not think I am plain Jane
I am the new age Elite.

Written this poem for Magpie tales. If you liked/ disliked my post, do drop me a comment below. Thanks.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Cool. The big thinker is very intelligent. He is using an Apple lappy.

  2. The new age elite! Love it.

  3. heh heh heh master of my den sure enough!

  4. So true. Elite pretty much, but totally adorable!

  5. My den is out of control. It has no master. Love this!

  6. Pretty cool take on the prompt. And well executed, too.


  7. Cheers to the elite!


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