Esther was thy name
a timid and shy girl
who met with a fatal accident
and suddenly rose to a new fame

A new fame when started finding her voice
Amid all the chaos and noise
Slowly, gradually taking in strife
she came to terms with her life

She has an orthopedic disability
enduring a limited locomotion
she struggled to put a brave face
upon all her conflicting emotion

E for emotions ruled
E for Esther's life
E for for emotion fooled
E for Esther survive

E for everyone
started talking about Esther
that how would she live
a life thereafter

Esther said nothing
but winked out a smile
She was mentally determined
if not physically agile

E for Everest, was
Esther's dream
E for Every breath in Esther
E for Echoed it, it seem

For obstacles never stop
the ones who has faith
Esther will scale the mountain
The tall mountain of Everest

Here's hoping all Esthers a success
and wishing for their dreams to come true
Women you are known by your strength
That sets you above the mundane you.

This poem is written for-
April A to Z Challenge. Alphabet E
Friday Fictioneers

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Very nice, although this photo was never meant to be a photo prompt and is a picture of my paternal grandmother.

    1. Oops..NO worry..I am happy to pull that off.

      Btw, you had a very gracious grand mom!

  2. More power to your pen, Ekta. Good one.

    1. Thank you sooooo much Prathima :)

  3. E is for excellent. I'm sure Rochelle's grandmother would have loved this and been honored.

    1. Thanks Ted..Though I do not know much about her and did not intend to write on her either...I appreciate your feedback :)

  4. Awesome Awesome Awesome ... such a powerful and inspiring poem ... loved it buddy :-)

    1. Thank You...thank you..Thank you sooo much!!! :)

  5. Excellent. It should be E for Ekta.

  6. You got it. As an Esther, I know, you got it. Excellent.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge. Loved As If (

    1. Thanks so much Asif! I am glad that you too are part of A to Z.

  7. People like Esther are inspiring. More power and energy to her :)

  8. E is a good letter for Esther. A determined character will always inspire.

    I am learning poetry at the moment and tackled a pretty complicated form. Sometimes poetry gives me a headache but I hope I can learn more.

  9. A beautiful ode to triumph for E Esther in the face of adversity. Amazingly woven tale of determination and to survive by surmounting the obstacles. Well done, Ekta:)

  10. Moving... thank you so much. Very often those with great difficulties are forgotten. God Bless you for your moving poetry. Best regards to you.
    Blabbin' Grammy at


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