X-Men and Woman

April 28, 2014 8 Comments

To me, life is a humbling experience. Every day a new lesson is learnt.

Yesterday, on my way back from #CourtyardWeddingFair I out of blue decided to stop by a new restaurant and have my dinner there. My budgets were tight and my knowledge about the area was limited. So the very first name that rang in my mind is this Pure Veg restaurant near Kandivali Station where I once ordered my lunch at home. The food was decent and above all, not very expensive. 

With the help of my auto wallah and the restaurant admin over phone, I reached this place. I was quite taken back by the restaurant appearance but ventured inside on my mom's insistence. She insisted that now since we have come, rather let's have a quick grub from there and leave. 

Halfheartedly, we entered the place and for some strange reason, chose to sit at the normal lobby instead of the AC hall downstairs. Selecting a table wasn't easy as the ones below ceiling fans were few and already taken. I wonder why I chose to sit there and in meantime ordered the food, promising myself to not come there again.

During my meal I had some interesting observations that I thought I should share. There was a group of three men on our next table, sitting and discussing about a dirty canal cum river at a certain place near New Mumbai. One of them was insisting that it is a "Naala" a drain like canal wherein the other argued that as per Govt ecords it is a river. The discussion between the two went on for some time wherein they decided that their association is not a one time saga but a lifelong relationship etc and then in sometime they left the table. Did I smell a rat? Well cannot say.

What touched my heart, was the motley at another table, quite adjacent to mine wherein a young girl and a guy came and perched upon. They must be the quintessential teeny weeny lovers, I thought as I saw the guy showing the girl his cheeks n face. May be he just had a shave and showing off to the little girl. They were soon joined by two more, big, hefty looking guys and were having an animated conversation. It is then I realized that they are a group of people with speech and hearing disability who inspite of their short coming, were quite cheerful and continuing their conversation in sign language.

I was very much touched by their gesture. I thought of taking their picture but that invited their attention. I managed the scene by signalling that I was actually trying to click my mother;s picture and it worked. They continued their conversation with each other in their special language and I couldn't help but keep observing their faces and symbols.

I murmured to self that how people should learn a lesson from these people who in spite of their challenges, managed to live their lives. Indeed they were "extraordinary" men or X-Men as I would call it. It is that time that little girl took out her mobile to may be see a message or something. That moment of time, it dawned upon me how Telecom as a technology touches the life of various people. How the need of communication and the mode too has been shaped off late and the ultimate benefits given by cellular devices and their potential that could be tapped for not just communication but social transformation as well.

That moment I felt so proud of my industry and than ked all it's front runners to having lead this revolution. Today my perspective has changed a bit. I would rather say, something new has been added to my perspective as marketer, product manager or telecom employee. I have learnt a new lesson on being "inclusive" via tech.

Here's three cheers to this Extraordinary technology and the Xtra ordinary men and women who lives their life beyond any barrier. Long live goodness in this world.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


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    1. Thanks Prathima..I am so glad that you liked it.

  2. Nice experience and you've conveyed your feelings for them wonderfully.. :-)

    1. Thanks Mani, I am glad that you liked it :)


  4. That's a lovely name you gave to them. I am a fan of X-men. They are even greater and more heroic than the TV's X-men.

    1. Yeah Namarata...I think they had this x factor in them to brave the odds and smile.


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