The Art of Zen

April 30, 2014 , 12 Comments

The secret of walking over water is in knowing where stones are.

You remember that old story wherein 4 blind men goes to the zoo and visit an elephant. One man touches his body and says it is huge, like a big wall. Second man touches his leg and says its strong like a column. The third man touches his trunk and says- its slippery like a pipe or snake. Wherein the fourth man touches elephant's tail and call it a bush. Each of them touched the same animal but different part of the same animal and came with different observation on each. They tried and understood only the parts that they touched but none of them understood the whole.

Substance is not about having a name or form. Substance is about being absolute This whole world is like those 4 blind men, arguing among themselves basis the pasrt they felt, while none of them understood the whole. Substance is about understanding the whole, it is understanding ourselves. When we understand the whole, we are more in peace with each other and attain absolute. And that my dear friend is- ZEN.

Zen is understanding yourself!

In my brief or say fairly long lifetime [thus far] I have been to different places, seen different kind of people, undergone different experiences, different emotions and have learnt tremendously with each and every rendezvous- Personal or public. I am still in process of understanding myself but clearly there are times when I feel to begin knowing myself and still exploring. This exploration or this interrogation is for nothing but a tryst to find peace with self. So am I at peace with self? Well some days yes, some days no.

While a lot could be written on this subject matter. Let us keep it Short and Simple. I have been writing lot of poems on the spot. then why suddenly writing about Zen? Well Zen for me is not mere a word from Z at the end of April A to Z Blogging challenge. But Zen is kind of summation that I am trying to gather from this exercise. My fellow participants and non participating readers, can you please sum up your experience from this whole A to Z blogging challenge and comment on your experience on the same? Can you evaluate if this whole exercise, whether deliberately or non deliberately brought you closer to understanding yourself? Well I am waiting for your responses. And yes, your responses can help me too while attaining my own Zen. It is a process they say. So feel free to share.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. For me Zen is connecting with like minded people like u, Ekta. Zen is when u tagged me aaj for the book contest. A beautiful and spiritual post as u finish A to Z in zen like way and this is what stuffs champions are made of;)

  2. Thought provoking post for the morning. Thanks for writing this

  3. A to Z was indeed a challenge in various dimensions. Gave me many learnings. Brought me a little closer to understanding one more facet of mine. :)

  4. Zen is a process for me. For understanding the self and everything else around :)

  5. Zen for me is being at home with a book, knowing that my family is happy and in good health..and as far away from office as I possibly can ;)

    Z for Zen-Random Thoughts Naba

  6. How come I never saw your blog while the A-Z was on. Lovely post Ekta. Zen for me is my time with books, husband and my darling princesss. Congratulations for finishing the A-Z :-)

  7. Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.

  8. Ekta ,I too believe in the Zen philosophy of a complete understanding! Very well written:)

  9. Zen is learning, wisdom and understanding, not just ourselves but even everything around us. It's a moment of self introspection and self realization, and charting what we need and what we want :-)

  10. Zen for me is connecting with my inner self and listening to the inner voice in the midst of the noise around...beautiful post Ekta!


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