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Braids & Banter

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 30 Comments

I was on my way to office, when I saw little girls, dressed in school uniform carrying colorful school bags and water bottles, waiting for their school buses. As I marched ahead, they smiled at me and waived their hands. All my morning blues melted into the sweet cheer, choir-ed from their collective smiles. I reciprocated back and couldn't help but noticed their little ponytails and braids, neatly tied with colorful ribbons and clips.

It reminded me of my own school and childhood days when we were instructed to keep our hairs well tied, preferably in to two braids, complimented with colorful ribbons, hair clips and rubber bands. Braids apparently the most convenient and popular hairdo of all times, giving enough scope for fancy accessories at the same time ensuring the hairs are tied in most acceptable and yeah disciplined ways.

As a kid I was blessed with lush black, silk hairs. The length of my hair fluctuated from medium to long. My hairs appeared to be one of my prime assets and hence I have to bear with all the fuss about the upkeep of the same from getting g proper head wash to regular oiling and off course tying them in neat braids. My Nani (grandmother) and Maasi (mother’s sister) used to be very fascinated with this painful chore and used to pamper me with all kinds of hair bands, rubbers and clips. They both had their own style of pleating my hairs and used to prefer braids over other forms of hairdo on the premise that it will help my hair grow, keep them neat, prim and prevent breakage. The icing on top was the lovely compliments and clips they would shower me with.

Braids were a quintessential part of my life. I use to go schools with them, market, wear them even on occasions and sleep with my braids on. If anything changed was the no of braids each occasion. They were a mandatory hair arrangement at school and considering the fact I would spend 70% of my day in school and rest playing. No sooner I would return from my school, the first thing I used to do was change my school uniform, unplug school ribbons, grab some food and venture to my personal adventure and frolicking.

My fascination with braids only grew and I used to admire all girls who had long braided hair especially the ones folded inverted with a ribbon. “Nani, I too want to tie my hairs like that”, I would often tell her. She would try to fold my hairs too but they used to be so silky that they will soon fall apart and start looking messy.

Times have changed, school days got over, I finished my college and with that my braids were replaced with a simple ponytail. The frequent travel and stay at different cities, messed up the quality of my hairs. The carefree childhood hair days have been replaced by dry, damaged, split ended and rough hairs. I tried many shampoo and homemade formula but nothing worked. Every time I would try to braid my hairs, they will pop out from each knot making it look clumsy. Someone told me to get my hairs trimmed, someone suggested some saloon treatment, other lady made me buy her spa that did more blunders than wonders and I even lit agarbattis (incense stick) in front of God to restore my good hair back.

My braids weren’t as beautiful as they used to be. Thanks to split ends, I have to keep cutting my hair short and along with each cm, pop goes my desire to have longer hairs.

I stopped braiding my hairs even when at home. My mother insisted that I should tie them at home as they promote hair growth, keeps split ends at bay and above all makes a cool fashion statement too. However every time I would braid up, I end up feeling sad seeing the “split condition of my hairs”.

Split ends have stirred a whole new depression within me and I often envied people with zero split end problem. I became so care worn that I would approach every single girl and ask her formula for having no split ends. They will give random answers and needless to say it was vain until one day I heard about this shampoo that specializes in attacking the split ends and make the hair strands look beautiful, from start to end.

I tried many products in past and thought of giving this range from Dove also a try. The first wash didn't work like a wave of magic wand but yes I can feel some difference, good enough to go ahead. I was so excited with it that soon after drying my hairs, I went, sat in front of a mirror and tried to make a pleat. It came OK. A couple of repeated wash and hey, what are split ends? Did I ever had any? J

 Now me and my hair are braid happy. I love my hairs and my hairs love my braids. Happy Endings!

My hairs are beautiful again,
From start to end.
I can keep them open
I can tie them, fold and mend
Beautiful braids and beautiful me
No more split ends
My hair takes me high.
Stay with me forever,
Stay by my side.

Thanks Indiblogger and Dove for bringing this post up. Keep blogging and coming up with new ideas.
Dove Split End Rescue System

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  1. hi ektaji..good post as u doing? sure all well..wishes always:0

    1. Hello Mr Global Madrasi...seeing you after long time. Trust all well.

      Thanks for dropping in..take care and have fun!

  2. I had braids in school too and long thick hair. Nowadays I cut them short - so much easier to manage in my hectic schedule.

    1. I agree...I too do the same but my fascination for long hair still haunts me and try braiding my hairs often whenever I get time.

  3. Ah!! I wish my braids we back tooo :(

  4. nice post,interesting read

  5. split ends will come and go. You for sure hav bful hair ! The school days hair will be a past thing for all I Guess :( but am sure healthy hair is more imp
    All the best

    1. Thanks so much Afsan! Yup it's a thing of past but ah I miss them so much...such a carefree days they were.

  6. I had ponytails and braids in school. I used to hate doing them up everyday so I cut my hair short and prefer it that way :)

    1. Lolz...I can understand. We all hated our braids at one time and preferred to cut the hair short to make it more manageable. However, briads have a diff charm altogether.

  7. As a child, I had my aunt braid my hair. Those are still some of the most precious childhood memories I treasure.

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Thanks sooo much Damyanti! You must post few of those pics and share ur look with us :)

  8. Beautifully written Ekta...Loved reading it :)

  9. I had short hair, in school and all I sported was a blue hair band .. and craved for braids ..ah! excellent post :)

  10. I had braids for about 4 years until my mother lost patience with me and them! ;)

  11. I had a very long and straight hair till my early 30's. That's the story of my life :(

  12. I was always so jealous of the braids ..I had a mushroom cut till I was in 10th! :(

  13. I found you from A-Z and new follower.
    I loved reading about your hair and the memories of it.
    I do not think much about my hair but to keep it combed and out of my face. Maybe I should take more care now.

  14. Nice read............ Best wishes for the contest......


  15. Nice post. Long live your hair without split ends. :)

  16. A nice read
    All the best of contest. Coming to Indiblogger meet Mumbai .
    Travel India

  17. Great post and an even better title ;) . All the best for the contest :)


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