Do Re Me with HPConnected Music & Indibloggers!

April 25, 2013 14 Comments

291 Bloggers
HP connected music
Hilton hotel
& Team Indiblogger

joined hands to celebrate & commemorate
an afternoon full of
Music, Masti & Magic
at Hilton Garden Inn
20th April 2013

It was an affair to remember, a day to cherish, an experience to frame in album, like leaves in a book. A great way to meet, greet, connect and off course have fun!

The event was to bring forth a new leaf in HP's offering- Connected Music. HP connected music is a ground breaking seamless service that gives Indian consumers immense choice and access to world of digital music, content on their HP Windows 8 devices. With over 1 million songs from 20,000 artists from cross genres like Bollywood, Devotional, Claasic, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, Hip hop etc, consumers are indeed spoiled for choices.  There will be Indian artist like AR Rahman, Anoushka Shankar, Sonu Nigam and International sensations like- Lady Gaga, Aerosmith etc. that's what I call One Stop Music and love for music!
So, Sing along....

Fun, Music, Contests and Food
Indibloggers events are so much good
lots of prizes to be won.
Smiles on faces, hands on twitter,
heartbeats rising in anticipation

30 secs of fame was never so much fun

Emcee- Prateeksha(h) called people to introduce one by one
No 69 pl come on stage
call me, call me, went on the rage

Pass the parcel, no that is pillow
when the music stop, you win headphone
Sing like Reshammiya, croon Hindi dialogue
Stamp on ground, dance like Sunny Deol

And then HP took a center-stage
spoke of music and Fab app it made
Live music, 20K artists from of all genres
HP does it again, says music lovers

Rock, Pop, Bollywood, Western,

Classic, hip hop or reggae
Over 1 mn plus songs at HP one stop shop
where else can you get?

Music to me, is like a prayer,

a companion, a spa massage, a second soul
From Michael, Kishore to Clayderman's Instrumental,
we love them all

and then time for break
tea counters went for wreck
Delicious snacks and desserts
Hilton Hospitality well deserved

Back on seats, mate
and do not stop tweeting, its still not late.
let warm up a bit
Bloggers with long & short ears, meet and greet

Meet 10 new bloggers

and name them
If you wearing a round neck shirt
 with specs, you win to fame

2 lucky tweets won the Jackpot

2 lucky people took home brand new HP laptop
Rest all of us, crave, craze & praise
now writing these posts to win the HP race

"I want to break free"

Sings the Queen! Says Elvis Presley
"Are you lonely tonite"?
Then hear Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd & BeeGee
Anusha Shankar struts sitar so well
Don't believe me? hear her performance for "Ring the bell"

It was such an afternoon, filled with fun
before we say bye, group picture everyone!
Raise your hands and do the hurrah
3 cheers to HP, Hilton and Indibloggers, Muaaah!

So That's all Folks! Me and my loony tunes somehow never gets enough of each other and never stops too. "Kya Kare Petrol khatam hi nahi hon da, pappe"! (loosely translated- what to do, my engine never stops).

Now more on the music (just to show how keen I am to win that I will not leave any note un-tuned in this post) Lolz! I take my music very seriously and sometimes I do not. So thanks for all the different genres of music, wonderful artists, musicians who churn one song over other. From serious melodies to bonhomie rhapsodies, silky instruments to connecting devotional to hard rock to pop bands, I love them all.

There is no bad music. There may be bad mood but a good music uplift it too.
If there's hardship in life, remember , there is hardrock!

Life is too short but too many songs to hear, to many melodies to sing, so many stars to meet and so many renditions to be created. So enjoy your music and enjoy it with great experience from HP Connect and yes, stay connected and keep Blogging! 

So, here's my special Do-Re-Mi that I want to dedicate Team Indiblogger and Team HP-

Do- Do the new- It's a brand new day, every day!
Re- Reach out- for sky is limit
Me- Meet the Music, Greet it in your life and sing Oooh la la la
Fa- Fast & furious, Slow 7 Steady, there is all kind of music...So Fasten your headphones and play on..
So- Songs of joy, songs of pain,songs of sunshine, songs sung in rain. So Sing long, Sing new Song.
La- Latest songs to old classic and even futuristic music is being played on, All @ HPConnected Music
Ti- Till we meet next
Do-Do keep listening, stay tuned to- Music & Blogging!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. wah super post awesome pix..gr8 wishes always buddy

  2. Anonymous26 April

    You have covered length and breath of the event ! Awesome post ... lovely pictures and nice write up ! All the very best for the contest !

    P.S. i was the runners up in my version at Mumbai ;)...

  3. i missed this meet- it was nice reading all about it here!

  4. Very imaginative way to narrate the HP meet experience!
    One point on which I do disagree with you. You said somewhere that there is "no bad music". Oh, I think there are plenty of people around us producing terrible music! Hehheh :D

  5. Oh I loved stamping my feet and singing We Will Rock You ... totally off key. I was making bad music and having a ball

  6. you made very good poem of the meet..
    loved reading the post sis...
    have a great time :)

  7. Wow nice poem Ekta! Lovely clicks :)

  8. you really did i great job with pictures. and i always liked to listen indian music, coz some indian artists really know how to play it.

  9. Nice. A lot of pic, that i like to.
    While reading blog,I like to listen to Manjit Rahi.


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