Koi Pond

April 12, 2013 17 Comments

A Koi pond is a water body designed to house Koi, a type of fish. This pond is usually created/ designed in a garden or atria and are different than the natural ponds. Koi is also known as Carp and are selectively bred  over many a years to get large sizes of fish with distinctive colored patterns in Black, Gold, White, Red and Orange. 

Koi pond's are created in an aesthetic and largely Asian format at gardens, atria and other locations to house the Koi fish. The Koi fish has special needs and thrives on plants and some time by eating smaller fishes for their survival. The pond primarily constitutes of muddy, dirty water, covered by dense foliage esp. lily plant. However people to give a better look and hygienic feel, installs water filtration system. Proper oxygen supply is yet another important consideration that goes while making such a pond. 

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A to Z Blogging Challenge- Prompt letter- K
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  1. I have seen many Koi ponds in Japan and they are really beautiful !!

  2. You did well on the koi prompt. I could feel those fish jump. Nicely done.

  3. Anonymous12 April

    brings to vision. nice one.

  4. Very well done. The picture and words just gelled so well.

  5. So well written and depicted, Ekta!

  6. Delightful haiku and koi pond description.. 'akin' is a finishing stroke of a well written haiku! loved it.
    - - -
    If you'd like to read mine, here it is: http://wp.me/p1QKRs-WP

  7. Hello! Ooo, that is so beautiful. How cool to have that in your garden!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  8. Complete colourful delight.. Alas, Hamaare ghar ke pass Koi Pond nahin hai...

    Yet..my haiku is here.. http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2013/04/she-sits-on-edge-haiku.html

    Your visit will add to joy of haiku..


  9. i do like koi ponds. And the haiku is lovely.

  10. Lovely! We have many koi ponds in our city too, because they are so pretty and peaceful!

  11. I would LOVE to have a Koi pond! They are so calming. For now... my aquarium will have to do.
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  12. I like how you displayed the merry making in your haiku ... colorful treat !!!

  13. There's a Japanese gardens in Seattle with a big koi pond. I would love to have one in our garden but it would be a buffet for critters around here.

    Come check out my A to Z! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  14. beautiful pond, we have a small one in our yard that I love watching.

  15. Good Job Haiku! No doubt koi pond requires intensive care to survive a minor carelessness can suffer them in trouble. Frequent mistake people do is; install low quality Pond Liner. Low quality pond liner contain chemical. This can be harmful for them.click here for technicals

  16. To remain alive or in existence of koi becomes difficult in very low temperature.Clean water, suitable temperature and a pond liner which does not contain harmful chemical like EPDM Pond Liner Repair is required .


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