Soak in "Waisi Wali Khushi"

April 15, 2013 20 Comments

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be"
Abraham Lincoln

When was the last time when you stopped by your street and watched that tree at the corner of the street. The new leaves that has come on it's twigs and the colorful flowers that it bore?

When was the last time that you actually stopped in rain, parked your vehicle and went ahead playing, dancing, singing all while getting drenched in the rain?

When was the last time when you woke really early in the morning and walked to a nearest garden to see the morning dew on leaves or smelled those roses?

When was the last time you stopped by a school going child and waived your hands at their bus without knowing any of the kid?

When was the last time you let your hair loose and made a gateway for the winds to pass through it, sprinkling fragrance to your soul and colors to your imaginations?

Have you ever sat up on an open terrace and seen he sun goes down the sea in all crimson, orange and yellow and blue hues?

Ever since you grew up, did you ever went to that big Shehtoot tree in a courtyard and plucked some fruits and dwell in the pleasure of eating it all by your hands?

If answer to any of these question is a no or difficult to recall than you know what you are lacking? You are lacking a certain kind of happiness that is not dependent on any social pressure or has commercial value attached to it or could be just weighed in a quantitative terms but it is- Waisi Wali Khushi!

A kind of happiness that comes from big little things in life. Little pools of joy, little bundles of surprises and little moments of time that we stole from our respective busy lives to develop a new perspective.

If god made water, God made rains too, God made streams and lake and all that flora and fauna that surround us by. We believe only in making use of advantages available to us and not enriching them, not giving back, not thanking our blessings enough.

I too sooner  became the part of rat race, the race for just survival and not indulgence. The race that is maddening, exhaustive and aims only at beating others and moving ahead. Sooner did I realize, I took a pause and reflected back. I took time to meet that little precious friend of mine who did not know my name, my education and have no clue about who am I. That little friend is a child in my neighborhood, who would often call me "didi" from the second floor balcony and waive me hands. I took a recourse and went inside the building and met that kid. I shook hand, played scrabble, allowed him to cheat in the game, help him develop some affection towards a silly subject like maths which scared him with his ministers of multiplication and division. We also made banana strawberry shake while he helped me wash the fruits. We took two scarves and wore them like "Pirates of Caribbean" and had a competition of who finishes the milkshake first. We finished the drink and saw our faces with milk mustaches in a mirror and felt amused. The cost of time spent was probably my half day salary but the worth was priceless. 

That was just a beginning and not an end. I often catch up with my younger brother and we indulge in making ice gola as we used to do while we were in school during our summer vacations. 

There was a small underground water tank at our aangan (the middle portion of home) wherein we would hang up small Coke bottles with a sack string over water to get the chilling effect.

Do not wait. Take that bicycle and go on the country roads and explore. Take a lesson in scuba diving or go underwater and click the plants and fishes inside it. If you are scared of water or heights or any other fear, well it is time to overcome them. Take a plunge and you will be never same again but a better and happier self.

Happiness is a warm puppy
Charles Schulz

...and it chases you back. So give in to "Waisi Wali Khushi" and live life large. Yes it is well said that it is not always the no of zeroes you see at the end of your earnings but also a lot of smiles and cheers. So do not wait for the moment to arrive but visit the moment and soak in happiness. Do something good that you haven't done before. Let happiness surround you like a cloud and pours on you. Soak in happiness and attain happiness.

This post is written for "Waisi Wali Khushi", a large short film made by Samar Khan. You can watch it- Here- Waisi Wali Khushi

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Waisi waali khushi is the best Khuhi ever !

  2. Yes you are right, and thankfully I am having lots of 'waisi wali khushi' moments :)

    1. Thansk so much Kislaya. Do share with us your waisi wali khushi!

  3. Nice post Ekta.We feel so conscious while giving in to such urges;but the results are gladdening if we do.

    1. Yes indeed. I truly agree with you on this!

  4. Nicely put.. we miss so many moments of real happiness in the mad rush of survival...

    1. True. Thanks for visiting my blogs Manjula!

  5. Anonymous17 April

    gr8 post ... Ekta !! here is my reason .... I left the rat race about an year back .... and then when life could be felt with everyt breath .. i not only wave hands looking at the school bus ...packed with my school-days fun memories in the faces of those kids but also when for the first time i planted my plant getting inspired by Pattu Raj (fellow blogger) and i saw the first flower blooming and the aquarium I bought with so many bubble eyed gold fishes . And now I can spread my happiness in my family and surroundings ..
    I remember .. people dared looking into my eyes as their boss and colleague and parents would better keep anyone calls me by my name ( ofcourse I am no more into the same profession)..subordinates crack jokes in front ... my parents eagerly wait for me to return home and we spend time talking at least for half hour... its amazing .. Yes a little shocking for my parent to see me this way !! Its an experience of giving ... which brings so much back in return ... all we need to give is love and time .. rat races have taken lives away from us and productivity in real terms has gone down !! Pardon me for this huge comment ... just got too carried away with your questions in the post ! Very nicely expressed !

  6. Smaller pleasures are the ones worth treasuring the most... plucking jamun, climbing trees, playing in lawn and smashing neighborhood glasses.... nothing to beat the thrill of the khushi that comes...

  7. small pleasures, the great treasure. nice post, Ekta.

  8. Very true, Ekta. I too love to indulge in this "waisi wali khushi". I feel, you should do the craziest things to get it.It feels great to run around in the gardens, making snowman during snow fall, playing board games with your family and fight over points like kids. Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts.

  9. gr8., Ekta. Nice post Yaar :)

  10. A very sweet and colourful post! speaks so much about the zest for life and living an enthusiastic life! true that 'waise wali khushi' can be experienced anywhere and everywhere, we just have to tilt our gaze a bit. beautiful :D

    PS : am ur 200th followerrrrr :))

  11. Very insightful article.. people keep adding zeros at the end of their earnings and forget about the smiles ..
    wonderful thought and wonderful post


  12. Anonymous06 May

    A good article to remind people about how to enjoy the smaller pleasures in life !!

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