Sunsilk Perfect Straight- the Secret to Lock, Rock & Roll Straight Hairs!

April 14, 2013 , 10 Comments

I was watching an old classic on TV and heard Shammi Kapoor wooing a leading lady praising her beautiful locks. That was the 1950s and hairstyles like everything else has changed preferences. I couldn't agree with it anymore as my flatmate Sheena opened the main room door to flaunt her "just out of the parlor, blow-dried straight hairs." Such is a fascination for the straight hairs we have today. I would call it- Hair trend that is here to stay!

Once upon a time, beauty was known with the no of curls, waves in her hair. Poets and filmmakers often sang praises for their lovely spiral locks and often compared them to structures akin to serpentine, smoky curves, and whatnot. Not anymore. The Alpha female is gung-ho about having straight as silk hairs and won't settle for anything less even if it requires artificial interventions like hair straightening etc. Why not? After all straight hairs look extremely neat, wearable and appealing.

Very few people are blessed with straight hairs and for the rest of, Yuko Yamashita the international straight hair expert from Japan, has come like manna from heaven. She has created a one-stop solution for all straight hair wannabe- Sunsilk Perfect Straight. Now no more wild goose chase, no more harsh chemicals and no more false, expensive, time-consuming, messy promises to give you Rapunzel-like hair with XYZ treatment that burns from your hair to your pocket. All you need to do is wash your hair with the right shampoo. Simple to use, easy to maintain. 

Life is all about contrasts. people with wavy hairs want straight mane and one with straight hair pines to maintain their hairs. Not anymore. Straight is in and continues to stay.

Why we need a shampoo like this-

Oh, so you have straightened your hair using a dryer? hmm and then you go to bed or tie a bandanna or wash your hair. Oops that expensive shampoo on the rack doesn't help much and you cry- parlor again!

Or you have just washed your hair using an XYZ shampoo conditioner and hair seems so straight that you jump with joy. And then your hair starts getting dry and you realize it is not as straight but rather frizzy, tangled. Where did all straightness go?

So if you want a solution that is-
1. Simple to use
2. Easy to Maintain
3. Pocket/ Purse happy
4. Gives actual results
5. Stays longer
6. Looks Good (above all)

Then go buy- Sunsilk Perfect Straight!

The market is laden with shampoos and hair care products, claiming all kinds of solutions from anti-hair fall, to dandruff cure to color-treated hairs to cure split ends to volume pumping to smooth, silk hairs, intense repair, and whatnot. Here's a shampoo that caters a highly unexplored niche segment- straight hairs, making everyone stand up and look.

Like a lot of us, I too varied to use it in the first place and did not heed to its claim. Thankfully Indiblogger came into the picture and sent a free sample (two half-filled bottles packed in a bubble wrap unlike the basket wrap that a log of my fellow bloggers got) I thought of trying it.

Before I give you my personal usage feedback, here's two cents about my hairs and hair care range that I use-
1. I have little below shoulder length hair, quite thin and rough, dull at times, prone to fall/breakage/dandruff no thanks to hard water, stress, and harsh chemical-based shampoos among others. 
2. Sensitive hairs and very few shampoo suits it read 2-3 max
3. No time/ faith for expensive hair straightening solutions/ treatments
4. The cycle of hair wash- once in 3-4 days.

My experience & 4P

So when this shampoo and conditioner reached me, I wanted to give it a try but was afraid of disturbing the attained balance of my hair and probable hair fall. I chose to try it on a weekend. My previous experience with Sunsilk came handy and I started using this product. here's wash by wash encounter-

First Wash- No change witness; thankfully no hair fall
Second and third wash- The hair looked good even after drying although the world didn't change greatly but yes lesser frizz and thankfully no hair fall
Fourth wash and beyond: I can sense some difference and above all my post shampoo hair looked good while retaining the hairstyle.

My overall experience has been fairly good and I did not regret using it at all. I also loved the color, packaging, and everything about this shampoo so far. Above all, it works! It may not have transformed my wavy hairs to straight as scale but effects have been noteworthy.

The Product: Sunsilk straight hair shampoo and conditioner is for people who like to keep their hair straight even after drying it up. The shampoo and conditioner are mild and bear good smell without intoxicating senses. A little shampoo gives a good lather and washes off quickly.

The conditioner has a smooth texture and doesn't require to be kept for long time post-application. Just apply on your hair strands and rinse off thoroughly to get results.

The product makes an interesting proposition and lives up to its claims. Great Job Team Sunsilk!

The Price: Well priced at Rs 56/-, the shampoo and conditioner open itself to reaching mass users from different facets of life who wants to keep their hair straight. Nevertheless, it is neither an expensive experiment.

The Packaging: The shampoo and conditioner comes in a unique purple color opaque bottle and manages to look quite trendy over the shelf. The Bottles are well designed with an easy to operate lid that prevents the shampoo/ conditioner from spilling outside the bottle even when it kept upside down. I really liked the purple theme that they chose, making it stand out among other products on a shelf and has femininity attached to it.

The Positioning: The positioning as I highlighted above is niche and touches the right chord. The TVC showing two girls talking about retaining the straight look of hair post shampoo sends the message across really well and to the point.

The Place: It is widely available at all stores near you. The product offers a good proposition for Indian markets and likely to be a good hit in both Urban and B-C towns as well.

Overall rating: 4/5

Straight Baal Lock Karo, Rock Karo!!!

To know more, visit-
Twitter Handle- @Sunsilkexperts

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  1. Anonymous19 April

    Nice review !

  2. Lovely review Ekta. Sunsilk shampoos never suited me!

    1. Thanks Megha.

      It happens that sometime certain shampoo do not suit everybody. So which one do you use?

  3. Very nice review ... and Hair trend is also changed a lot :)

    1. Yes, hair trends are changing...oft the old trend is resurfing back...THanks for your feedback :)

  4. Your website is terribly informative and your articles are wonderful.

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